Kill Switch (feat. Robb Bank$ & Pouya)

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Kill Switch (feat. Robb Bank$ & Pouya) - Sir Michael Rocks Lyrics

It's the skinny nigga, Triple Six
Fuck I got 'em horrified
Run up on 'em with the stick, i'm bussin till the morning time
Drill a nigga like a loose socket, yeah it's turtle time
Shells on top of shells, running pockets like a suicide
I'm in love with the bangers
Yeah it's boy meets world and I'm fucking Topanga
If you run up I'll change ya
Got my gun up from sun up to sun up
I never knew another motherfucker who could ride against me
Whole lotta money from the bottom with me
You try to get me, drive a Bentley to the side of Kennedy
Nigga act a fool
Howling at the moon, keeping vipers as pets
I'm hella picky with the bitches that I like to select
But if you got peas or them cookies then we might could connect
And you will get your ass changed like your diaper was wet
You run up on us with dat boy
Two cannons strapped on my shoulder like a Blastoise
What the fuck was that noise
When the Glock pop, nigga 9 shots to your body
Now you're food for the earthworm
Chop chop, move fast when i'm coming for that ass
I'ma blast, I'ma buck, I'ma let it burn
Fuck school nigga, kill shit
Hit the kill switch
Kill Bill shit
Not the one you wanna deal withWell I be posted with a selected few
Pop that pussy, that's a nice ass view
My homies are real and you really ain't true
Met a bitch by the bay, never say "I do"
She wanna get with me, she wanna be in my city
Shit, I don't even know her like that
So get back 'fore your ass get attacked by the pack
And I never do slack2 Phones Shawty, they be dancing like the need a pole
My niggas shoot (shoot) bitch, like they need a ghost
Bought 2 phones, 2 cups stowed so I fucked her twice
See my niggas face the blunt, she can't even face life
I say bitch it's lil Pouya, no need for no rumors
No need for no losers, my bitch cool but i'm cooler
Fifty-five pussy old cougar
Oh my God, I really can't breathe
Walk over me, i'ma break your knees
Miami is where I beAnd bitch it's double cleaned in bleach
Need a zanpakuto just to cut it
And if a nigga try to run up
Finna leave his ass looking like a hollow
Bands, by the lead singer
Went solo and got made
And "Keeping Up With Kim K." the only time you seen 'ye
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Kill Switch (feat. Robb Bank$ & Pouya) lyrics !!!