Who sang the song "Buff Squad (feat. Pouya, Germ & Shakewell)"?

"Buff Squad (feat. Pouya, Germ & Shakewell)" is sung by "Ramirez"

Buff Squad (feat. Pouya, Germ & Shakewell)

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Buff Squad (feat. Pouya, Germ & Shakewell) - Ramirez Lyrics

Dirty hoe, close range
Dirty hoe, close range
Pussy money, that gangsta ho
Stalkin' with da yalk, on this low
Good, dirty hoe, close range[Hook]
Pussy money, that gangsta ho
Stalkin' with da yalk, on this low
Good, dirty hoe, close range
Pussy money, that gangsta
Pussy money, that gangsta ho
Stalkin' with da yalk, on this low
[Verse 1: Ramirez]
Bouta run up on him with the hellfire
Pussy motherfuckers wanna trust me with gang signs
Floats in the middle of the ocean and I leave a body croak
And this weed got me choking on the blood I be soaking
Lost in the block of my city I'm closing my eyes
And I take a deep breath then i jump of the bridge
There's no going back the weights on my shoulders and the pain on my chest and the devil exists
When i play the blade I'm haunting your kids and then you beg you for your life and now you worship the grey
You fucking with piss thats locked in a cage
That's looking for flesh in murderous ways
Creep out the dungeon, I hop out the bush
Dragging your body inside of the woods
Murderers drug dealers inside my hood
Run motherfucker, be the pussy like you would
[Verse 2: Pouya]
Six digits on the check underground, better give me my respect
2012 I was swerving at the curb getting booked
Meanwhile the skeleton grabbing all of my nuts
I raised me, ain't nobody made me, they love what I'm saying, they love what I'm doing
Give me one more year and I turn into an OG
Know me from the old me, bitch you owe me I let you get [?][Verse 3: Shakewell]
I'm always feeling my [?] I'm frequent in this spot
You speakin' you ain't never been in any situation, reaching for your Glock
But I know it's fake and all these bitches sucking
I ain't got no patience for a dumb ass hoe
Who ain't giving face, and if you got a problem
We can catch a fade boy
I been getting faded xannies in my system, I've been elevated[Verse 4: Germ]
Damn I hate this bitch, damn I hate this life
Always on the hype for hunnids', you better be duckin'
I'm comin', I'm sluggin' some tossin' sluts into buses
Bitch I'm bringin' the ruckus
Fuck is he sayin' I slayin', we ain't contemplating insanity
This shit is not meant for me, ridin' wit my enemies
Hatin' me sitting silent in my vicinity
Bitch I'm a dog, bitch I'm off the leash
Murder mixed with major profits bitch cool it stop it
I got a rocket i'll boot you to NASA
Astronaut status super future with the blammer
Hammer time damn I handle mine
Buckin' butt ugly nuts suckin big musty nuts
Fuck every moment livin' once
Ride it or not you can ride my one

Buff Squad (feat. Pouya, Germ & Shakewell) lyrics !!!