Zivert - Biography, creativity and personal life

Published At: 16 June 2020 , 12:41 PM

Career: singer

Date of Birth: November 28, 1990

Age: 29 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Height: 165

Family status: Single


The audience effortlessly sings along with Zivert at concerts, DJs tirelessly remixes of famous compositions, and the artist herself updates the collection of prizes every year. The musical page in her biography appeared by chance. The singer came to the stage already as a mature man, without a doubt breaking with a seemingly such a romantic profession. But if you want to conquer the world, you should not do business from which eyes do not burn.

Childhood and youth

The early childhood of Julia Sytnik passed in Odessa, and she was born in Moscow. And although they write on the Internet that the singer is Russian by nationality, from the side of Irma's mother, a native of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, she got German and Polish genes. Gipsy and Ukrainian blood flows in his father's veins.

The girl became Julia Sievert after her parents divorced. The name of the mother first taken by the elder sister Diana. In the mid-2000s, Irma opened a clothing store in the capital and rumoured to be working there now.

If not for music, Zivert told in an interview; the country would have received another designer. Ee grandmother sewed perfectly, so as a girl, the artist absorbed a sense of style. Julia managed to work out with ballroom dancing and classical ballet. At school, English was a favourite subject. However, the desire to attract attention with bright outfits, combining seemingly incompatible things, prevailed. Sievert even thought to develop professionally in this direction - she entered the institute as a fashion designer, but for financial reasons, she dropped out of school. Having worked a little as a florist, Julia got a job as a stewardess at Aeroflot. She got used to aeroplanes thanks to her parents, who often took their children on business trips.

For four years, the girl made a good career, switched to a kind of freelance, when she could choose which VIP client to work with. However, life on command, a dull uniform and a modest image of Yulia were tired, and she went to the dance. But it didn't ask: the team broke up. Then Sievert realized that "it is time to realize a dream that was deep in my soul." The passion for singing, according to Julia, woke up in her with the ability to speak, it only took time to get used to articulating Russian speech, and not English.

Personal life

Julia willingly communicates with fans on VKontakte and Instagram, trying to answer questions. However, fans know little about the singer's personal life. We can say for sure that a celebrity is the owner of a spectacular appearance and a slender figure: with a height of 165 cm, the weight is 48 kg. The pictures in the swimsuit show that the girl's body decorated with tattoos.

In 2017, joint photos with a sure Eugene appeared on Zivert social networks, but subsequently, the frames disappeared. At the end of 2019, it happened. The media, having caught Sievert at the anniversary of the director of Muz-TV talking with Yegor Creed, hastened to announce the romance of two stars. Colleagues just laughed at the news—the sympathy of the rising sun expressed by rapper Gulf. The former lover of Keti Topuria, in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, admitted that he wrote Zivert in social networks messages, which, alas, remained unanswered. Gulf understood that the singer's heart was not free, so he gave up trying to get closer.

But what Julia does not hide is close relationships with her family. Mom is an essential person in the girl's life and her first fan. Irma's comments regularly appear under her daughter's photo and video and are invariably supportive. The singer lives with her and her sister: it would be too difficult to rent an apartment and return after speaking to an empty house.

As for hobbies and credo of life, then their girlfriend also does not hide. Julia loves to read, listen to music (her favourite performers are Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston ) and sleep. Moreover, she calls a dream the main hobby, as she is exhausted and does not always have time to relax. Since 2014, the singer has been leading a healthy lifestyle, giving up smoking and alcohol.


Deciding to start a musical career, the artist immediately faced difficulties. Over the years of unprofessional singing, Zivert developed her vocal style and finally did not want to part with it, and the vocal teachers sought to "break" Julia and make them sing "correctly".

It was not possible to immediately find a teacher. As a result, the girl came to the vocal studio Vocalmix, where they polished what was available, and did not adjust it to the generally accepted standard. Also, in 2016, Sievert participated in the All-Russian vocal competition, where she received her first recognition, having won. On YouTube, Zivert debuted in the summer of 2017 with a video for the song "Chuck". Unusual camera angles are due to the use of a drone and an action camera. In addition to the vocal data and the vivid appearance of the singer, the video demonstrates her professional ability to dance. The video turned out to be bright, cheerful and filled with a light summer atmosphere. "Chuck" has earned well-deserved success on the Web, bringing the girl the first noticeable popularity. In October of that year, the singer performed this song and the new song "Anesthesia" on television in the program "Party Zone" on "Muz-TV".

At the end of 2017, Julia recorded a cover version of "The Wind of Change" from the famous Soviet film "Mary Poppins, Goodbye!". The song was performed in the program "Let They Talk" by Andrei Malakhov, dedicated to the memory of the tragically dead Elizabeth Glinka, and became the soundtrack to the series "Chernobyl. Exclusion Zone".

In 2018, Sievert presented the video for Anesthesia, which was significantly different in style from the funny and frivolous Chuck. The singer's image has become more feminine, to match the song, and the video turned out to be much more complicated: Zivert changed perceptions in the process of filming, using references to film characters - Geostorm from X-Men and Trinity from Oscar-winning Matrix.