Yuri Shatunov - biography, information, personal life

Published At: 05 August 2020 , 09:47 PM

Career: singer, sound engineer

Date of Birth: September 6, 1973

Age: 46 years

Place of Birth: Kumertau, USSR

Growth: 178

Family status: married


Yuri Shatunov did not have a musical education and did not. But this does not prevent the former soloist of "Tender May" from replenishing the discography and shooting clips. On tour, the children of the first fans are already dancing to the good old hits "White Roses", "Childhood," and "Pink Evening". The singer looks great, explaining that there is simply no need to spoil what is given by nature.

Childhood and youth

Yuri Shatunov was born in the city of Kumertau. Parents Vasily Klimenko and Vera Shatunova got married when the girl was 18 years old. The father's attitude to his son was extremely disdainful, so the child received the maternal surname. The first four years, Yura lived with his grandparents, then his parents divorced, and he moved to his mother. The boy's childhood can hardly be called happy and cloudless. The stepfather abused alcohol, scandalized, and running away from the house became a habit with Shatunov. At the age of 11, Yuri lost his mother, at the end of 1985 he was assigned to an orphanage in the Akbulak village, and a year later he was transferred to boarding school No. 2 in Orenburg. This translation will turn out to be key in the creative path of the future singer.

Solo career

Instead of increasing his popularity in the wake of success, the soloist leaves for Germany, where he is educated as a sound engineer. He continues to record songs and releases his first solo album, You Know, although it was originally planned to be titled May Is Over. But Shatunov does not continue his concert activity, preferring to work exclusively in the studio.

Later, Yuri resumes cooperation with Sergei Kuznetsov, the result of the record "You Remember". In 1999, the album "Diary" was released in Germany.

Every 4-5 years, new discs are recorded, each of which was half of old, time-tested hits, and half of the new songs. During this period, there appeared "Do not be afraid", "If you want ...", "It's hard for me to speak", "Days are passing away."

In 2013, the musician released two new videos for the compositions "Tete-a-tete" and "A Summer of Tsveta" in support of the album "I Believe". In the same year, Yuri Shatunov received the Song of the Year award.

Since 2014, the singer began working on a new "studio album" - he recorded and posted on the Internet the tracks "Trains", "Dreams", "Next to her," and "Hair". In May 2015, he presented the song "Odnoklassniki", dedicated to the site of the same name.

In August of the same year, Zvezda joined the already released singles, the text of which was written by Sergei Kuznetsov, and later, Birthday, which entirely belongs to Shatunov. The fans received the long-awaited disc "Don't be silent" only in 2018.

On February 23, 2015, Yuri received an award for his contribution to the development of Russian show business at the Anniversary Soundtrack awards ceremony.

Since 2012, the performer has been running a personalized website that publishes news, performance schedules, live videos, recordings of songs, a gallery of fan-drawn portraits of the musician, and even a feedback form for potential songwriters. The page contains the official biography of Shatunov. Also, the musician has accounts on VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and official channels on YouTube and iTunes.

Personal life

With his wife Svetlana, a lawyer by profession, Shatunov met in Germany in December 2000. In 2006, son Dennis was born after seven years - daughter Estella. Andrei Razin became the godfather of the children. Now Yuri lives with his family in Germany. The couple agreed that the press would not be allowed into their personal lives. And children upon reaching the age of 18 will decide whether they will post their photos in the public domain.

The singer was seriously keen on computer games and became the champion of Russia in racing on virtual cars. Yuri, with a height of 173 cm, weighs 70 kg and admits that he does nothing specifically to maintain his shape, except that he is engaged in diving and hockey. Also, he has no bad habits, and he reduced the tattoos made in his youth.

Yuri Shatunov now

In April 2019, Yuri Shatunov presented to fans another "studio album" entitled "Favorite Songs", which includes 14 songs from the times of "Tender May" loved by millions in a new arrangement. In the summer of the same year, the artist went on a tour of Russia with the program, "Don't be silent." The concerts had to be interrupted for health reasons: Shatunov suffered a cold on his legs, and he had to be hospitalized in Moscow to have an operation.

The director of the singer Arkady Kudryashov said that Yuri is undergoing rehabilitation, after which he will resume his performances, and the information about repeated surgical intervention is not true. The next meetings with the public are scheduled for October; the schedule is scheduled until May 2020. Romantic hits will be performed from stages in the Baltics, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Germany.