Young Lean: Biography and music career

Published At: 27 April 2020 , 05:09 PM


Jonathan Lindoyer, aka Young Lean, is an English-language rap artist from Sweden who has made his way to worldwide popularity via the Internet, mainly using YouTube, where his videos earn millions of views. Lyn is a representative of "Cloud-rap ", and therefore he is inevitably compared with Lil B, Bones, and other artists of the subgenre.

Sad Boy is a band founded by Yang Lin and his friends Yung Sherman and Yung Gud. In 2013, Jonathan, together with the Sad Boys, was nominated in Europe for P3 in the Best Hip Hop / Soul category. In 2014, the popular American hip-hop website XXL included him in the list of 15 European rappers, whom you must know. "


Ling is much more accessible and successful than Bones. Bones has not a single clip that would have scored at least 1 million views; Lin has 6 of them by age 18;

Born in the Swedish city of Sodermalm with a population of 100 thousand;

2001, 2002, 2003 - the most emotional years in the life of Lina; for this very reason, he addresses them in his tracks.

He is the founder of the label "Sad Boys Entertainment";

He began to listen to hip-hop after the debut album of New York rapper 50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Tryin '" in 2003;

Creep creeps

Yung Lean decided to please the audience with a new solo single. The artist is not going to move away from his favorite style and continues to bend his line of sad cloud rap.

Recall that in November, a new mixtape of the artist "Poison Ivy" was released. A small number of tracks - only seven tracks - only benefited the release itself, because the record turned out to be more elaborate.

Ghostface / shy guy

Yonatan Lindoer decided to return to the roots, and instead of singing familiar to his listeners, the Swede hit into experiments with recitative, letting flow on cold beats.

Recall that this is the second track from the artist in the last week; maybe a new project is just around the corner?