YNW Melly: Biography and music career

Published At: 22 April 2020 , 05:50 PM


Many American rappers had problems with the law, but YNW Melly was mired in vice most of all: the young man is accused of killing two people, he faces the death penalty. While YNW Melly is in prison, the track "Murder On My Mind," which is mistaken for frank confession, breaks every conceivable record for viewing and listening.

Childhood and youth

YNW Melly's real name is Jamel Maurice Demons. He was born May 1, 1999, in Gifford, Florida. 

Responsibility for the failed biography of the rapper partially lies with the parents. Jamel did not know his father, only his name Jamie Demons remained in his memory. The young man escaped when his 14-year-old girlfriend, Donta Taylor, became pregnant.

YNW Melly in childhood

The schoolgirl - Donta finished 8th grade - did not think about abortion. At first, her mother helped her, then Jamel had to grow up alone. Donta worked at the Dunkin' Donuts coffee shop to feed herself and her son, paying for housing in the poorest area of ​​Gifford.

Relations with classmates at Jamel did not develop: they ridiculed the future hitmaker for appearance. Anger began to boil in the boy. When he was in 4th grade, he found a gun in his uncle's drug dealer's house. Later, in an interview with YNW, Melly admitted that "I immediately liked him." Since then, according to the rapper, weapons have always been in your pocket. Repeatedly, this fact played against Jamel.


At age 15, Jamel Demons joined Bloods, one of the largest street rap parties. Tracks the guy replicated through SoundCloud. Later, the YNW gang appeared - Young Nigga World. In addition to Melly, it included Bortlen (Corten Henry), Sakchaser (Anthony Williams), and Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.). The guys were childhood friends. Together they wrote music and lyrics for future hits. In total, about 500 tracks have accumulated, which Jamel, for objective reasons, cannot yet record.

In 2017, YNW Melly started having problems with the law. Once under arrest, the rapper did not stop composing. The result was the "Collect Call" mixtape, which included tracks with many famous artists, including Lil B and John Wicks.

In 2018, friends from the gang helped YNW Melly release separate songs: Virtual (Blue Balenciagas), 4 Real, Butter Pecan, Medium Fries, Rolling Loud, and others. They became singles for the debut album "I Am You", which in January 2019 appeared on the 192nd line in the Billboard 200.

The most famous song on the album is Murder On My Mind. She is mistaken for the frank confession of the rapper in the commission of a double murder. "False," since the track released in March 2017, and the crime took place in October 2018.

According to YNW Melly, it was because of Murder On My Mind that he went to prison for the second time. The rapper said that in court the prosecutor recited the second verse of the song, which describes in detail the scene of the murder, and noted that "this track alone is enough to send YNW Melly to jail."

Anyway, Murder On My Mind is a hit. The first people to rate him were YNW Melly's prison cell neighbors. They asked a friend to read Murder On My Mind again and again, and as a payment for their performances, they brought goods that were not easy to get in captivity, for example, sweets. The video for the song "Mama Cry" includes a documentary recording on which the rapper a cappella performs in front of his cellmates.

A video on Murder On My Mind released in August 2018. A year later, the number of views on YouTube reached 241 million. Part of the reason for this popularity is YNW Melly's accusation of double murder. There is a sequel to the song - "Mind on My Murder," which was included on the record "I Am You." The text is written on behalf of the victim.

"We All Shine," the second mixtape in the rapper's discography, includes 16 tracks, including collaborations with Kanye West and Fredo Bang. The clip for Mixed Personalities featuring West was released simultaneously with the compilation.

Problems with law

The first crime Jamel Demons committed at the end of 2015. The young man was found guilty of an armed attack on students at Vero Beach High School and the use of weapons in a public place. Despite his young age (the rapper was then 16 years old), the court sent him to jail for a year. YNW Melly served four months in prison and released in March 2017.

On June 30, 2018, Demons arrested in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, for possession of marijuana and violation of parole conditions. According to US laws, the rapper did not have the right to carry weapons, but during the search, they found a gun. YNW Melly himself believes that he imprisoned because of the song "Murder On My Mind."

On January 3, 2019, the rapper again arrested for possession of marijuana, and a month later, on February 13, YNW Melly was charged with a severe charge.

Tattoo YNW Melly

Demons and Kortlen YNW Bortlen Henry are the prime suspects in the murder of his friends Anthony YNW Sakchaser Williams (21 years old) and Christopher YNW Juvy Thomas Jr. (19 years old). The crime occurred on October 26, 2018, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The guys were taken to the hospital by YNW Bortlen.

Police YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen said they were the victims of an armed attack. However, during the investigation, a sleeve was found in the passenger compartment. Based on this fact, as well as GPS navigation data, the investigation concluded that the rappers themselves shot their friends without leaving the car, and then released several clips into the case to initiate the shelling.

First, the police detained YNW Bortlen, on February 13, 2019, YNW Melly came to the station on their own. Before that, the rapper on Twitter called the accusations "rumors":

"I lost my brothers, and now the system is looking for the guilty."

On March 5, 2019, YNW Melly did not confess to a crime in a Florida court. His mother said she was disappointed in her son's decision not to cooperate with the investigation. A thorough study of the identities of YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen revealed yet another crime that both could be involved in - the murder of policeman Harry Chambliss in 2017. It is believed that the rappers were at the scene, and a stray bullet, which became fatal for a law enforcement officer, could well have been fired by YNW Melly or YNW Bortlen.

Personal life

It is difficult to build a personal life, being in a prison cell. YNW Melly may have a darling, but the tabloids are paying much less attention to her now than the lawsuit, the outcome of which can not only break the rapper's career but also end his life.

YNW Melly Now

Now, Jamel Demons is in jail without the right to bail. The next double murder hearing took place on July 11, 2019. So far, the prosecution has insisted on the most severe punishment for both suspects - the death penalty by injection.

YNW Melly in 2019

On Instagram , which his manager leads during the absence of YNW Melly, a recording of a telephone conversation appeared on May 15, 2019, in which Demons says that he will soon be released. This is not the first encouraging statement, but there are no prerequisites for the guy to be acquitted.

Even in such a problematic situation, YNW Melly does not give up creativity. On April 13, 2019, the mixtape "Free M&M" recorded with DJ Shurefire premiered, which probably means "Free Melly & Melvin." Melvin is the "dark" side of Demons, "the one who protects Melly from bad people."