Yellowcard Is Continuing Its $15 Million Lawsuit Against Juice WRLD Over “Lucid Dreams” Following His Death

Published At: 19 December 2019 , 06:49 PM

The band’s lawyer expressed Marvin Gaye’s family in the groundbreaking “Blurred Lines” trial.

Pop-punk band Yellowcard is going forward with its $15 million lawsuits against late rapper Juice WRLD over his breakout single, “Lucid Dreams.” According to reports gathered by XXL on December 17, the now-defunct club filed a motion to increase the amount of time that representatives for the Chicago native and his co-named respondents have to counter to the initial complaint.

Juice WRLD, “Lucid Dreams” producer Nick Mira, co-writer Taz Taylor, publisher BMG Rights Management, Interscope Records, record label Grade A Productions, and more had initially till December 9 to file a response to the prosecution. The new date is February 4, 2020.

On December 10, Yellowcard’s advocate who also expressed Marvin Gaye’s family in the influential “Blurred Lines” copyright prosecution stated Digital Music News that the case was provisionally on hold as the club was “condensing” myth of the 21-year-old rapper’s death on December 8.

Busch recently got his name by adding a groundbreaking $5 million settlement for Marvin Gaye’s property against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke over “Blurred Lines.” Rather than concentrating on a particular melody or lyrics, the complaint centered around the “style and feel” of the song concerning Gaye’s 1977 hit, “Got to Give It Up.”

Beginning this month, Busch filed a new motion for relief in the “Blurred Lines” trial. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gaye’s family claims that Pharrell’s remark in a GQ interview about “reverse engineer[ing] the feeling” of songs differs his statement, serving as proof of perjury and “fraud on the court.”

In the “Lucid Dreams” objection filed on October 21 in US District Court in California, Yellowcard affiliates William Ryan Key, Longineu Warren Parsons, Peter Michael Mosely, and Sean Michael Wellman-Mackin alleged Juice WRLD and his partners copied “melodic elements” from their 2006 song, “Holly Wood Died,” without getting permission. In addition to losses over $15 million, they sought royalties and co-ownership of “Lucid Dreams.”

To prove the similarity among the two songs, the objection used a chart regarding common factors such as the hooks and vocal melodies. The plaintiffs also lead to a “melodic idiosyncrasy” called a “melisma,” which appears at “parallel position” in both compositions.

It further alluded to Juice WRLD’s publicly-said pop-punk music and love for emo, seeing his affection for the band’s Neal Avron and Fall Out Boy-produced 2005 album, From Beneath the Cork Tree. Avron also managed composition on Yellowcard’s Lights and Sounds, from which “Holly Wood Died” is exerted.

Busch and Yellowcard are still going through with the lawsuit despite the difficulty of proving whether Juice WRLD knew about the band’s song before writing “Lucid Dreams.”

Should it get, Yellowcard would be the next artist to claim an important chunk of royalties from “Lucid Dreams.” Last November, Mira petitioned Sting got 85 percent of the song for its incorporation of “Shape of My Heart” and “warned to take us to court.”

In a Billboard interview following Juice WRLD’s death, Sting’s spokesperson called Mira’s another allegation “simply untrue.”

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