With a smoke: what is “hookah rap” and which of the stars introduced it into fashion

Published At: 26 February 2020 , 12:11 PM

Bahh tee

"I can not say, went from this expression, but a" hookah rap "has recently been made to understand the music, which used to be sounded in patsanski nines, and then, when the guys from nines boarded Callao, with them moved to the best hookah. That is, it is music that is heard everywhere, which is not overloaded with meaning, in which there is a certain vibe, which does not pretend to be genius and durability. This is very understandable music: it should swing, it should not make much sense, she should play in the background and not strain," Bakhtiyar Aliyev, head of the Zhara Music label, better known as Bahh Tee, tried to explain the new phenomenon in rap culture in an interview with The Flow.

They talked about him for the first time in 2009 after the release of the lyrical ballad, "You are not worth me," which, according to the rapper himself, was written by him in a lecture in just 15 minutes. This was followed by mini-albums, "Angel," "Out of habit," and others.

The fame was brought to the artist by the album "The Sky Is Not the Limit," which immediately fixed on the second line of the Russian iTunes Store. According to the singer himself, in the genres of music, he does not set any limits for himself. Now Bahh Tee is doing the same "hookah rap" and is helping the "signatories" of the Zhara Music label to develop in this direction.

MiyaGi & Endgame

One of the main representatives of the so-called "hookah rap" can be considered a duet of Azamat Kudzaev and Soslan Burnatsev. At first, the artists performed separately, and the first joint singles were released during collaboration with the label Dope Records. In parallel, MiyaGi and the Endgame took part in the recording of the songs of Eljey and "Caspian Cargo."

Artists joined creative efforts in 2016. Then they released their first collaborative album, Hajime. MiyaGi & Endgame duo became widely known for their single I Got Love, the clip for which became the most famous music video in Russia and the CIS, gaining 377 million views on YouTube.

Hamm Ali & navai

Following MiyaGi and endgame wave "hookah rap" and picked up Alexander Aliev and Nava Bakirov. Hamm Ali & Navai project appeared June 29, 2016, after, the guys recorded a joint song "A Day in the calendar." This was followed by the hits" With flying," "Well, how are you at all," and "Headlights-fogs."

And two years later, the premiere of the debut album JANAVI took place, in the framework of which the song "Let me on the dance floor" was recorded, which became an absolute hit.

In 2019 HammAli & Navai project was included in the nomination "strong start» RU.TV. The award, The guys, are actively touring the country, collecting huge halls.


Surely, every girl at least once heard the song "Comet," which at the end of last year tore all kinds of charts and sounded from almost every iron.

According to the content of the song, Jony can hardly be attributed to "hookah rap," but due to the ease of sound and the pumping beat and a specific vibe, they can be attributed to this musical direction.

Jahid Huseynli - that's the name of this pretty boy from Baku, which just a year ago could not have imagined, that will collect the vast halls, and now, along with labelmates Raava Music conquers the hearts of millions of girls. He owes his pseudonym to a rapper to his mother, who, in her childhood, called her son Johnny by analogy with the hero of the cartoon "Johnny Bravo," who the boy loved to watch in childhood.

On account of this guy, in addition to the single "Comet," the songs "Alley," "You captivated me," and "Lali."


Andrey Kuznetsov - the guy whose vocals you can hear the chorus of the song "Santa Lucia" group Quest Pistols.

In 2016, Andro signed a contract with Kruzheva Music and began to practice singing professionally. And last year, the artist joined the label Raava Music, released the single "Alien" and loudly announced himself on the stage. After writing about two dozen more songs, Andro began giving solo concerts.

In August last year, the singer released his solo album Moon Flame, on the occasion of which he organized a tour in Russia and the CIS countries.