Will Martin(Lil 'Wil): Biography and music career

Published At: 13 February 2020 , 06:23 PM

Will Martin, performing under the pseudonym Lil 'Wil, made his debut on the contemporary rap scene in 2007.

Before popularity

The rapper was born in Louisiana, but his parents often moved because of financial difficulties, so Will considers his small homeland Dallas, Texas, where he spent his childhood and school years.

While still a high school student, he became interested in the work of rap artists, and he decided to devote his life to music.


In 2007, they learned about the music of this artist on the big stage. He made his debut with the song "My Dougie." The song quickly began to gain popularity, hit the airwaves and music charts, which was an excellent start for a young artist.

Later he released an album called "Dolla $," which happened in 2008. The album of this artist was engaged in the music label Asylum Records. This work found its listener and, for a long time, was in the leading positions in musical charts. Will himself attributes this success to the fact that many of his songs based on his biography, and the listener feels his sincerity and dedication.

At the moment, the artist carries out tours, performs in clubs and at parties. His plans include the release of the second studio album, shooting in clips. Will leads his blog on the social network Instagram, which is also popular.

Personal life

The rapper does not extend his own life. However, according to his profile on Instagram, you can safely say that he does not suffer from a lack of attention from the female side.

Interesting Facts

  1. Wil Martin is grateful to all his fans, without exception, who come to support him at concerts and music festivals.
  2. The performer positions himself as a reliable and strong-willed person who possesses leadership qualities. Also, the musician considers himself a very religious person.
  3. For breakfast, the musician prefers to eat cornflakes with milk and peanut butter.
  4. Wil Martin is not afraid to dream and make mistakes. Failures, he considers not a mistake, but a precious lesson that life presents to man.


Thus, Will Martin, an ordinary guy from Texas, was able to achieve heights on the music scene thanks to his perseverance, struggle, self-confidence, and higher powers.