Vogel - biography of a young Russian musician

Published At: 17 July 2020 , 07:10 PM

Name: Vogel (Fogel) 

Real Name: Robert Chernikin 

Birthday: July 28, 2001 (18 years old) 

Place of birth: Magadan, Russia 

Height: 180 cm Weight: 66 kg 

Zodiac sign: Leo ( characteristic ) 

East horoscope: Snake 

Career: Russian musicians


Vogel is a young rap musician who conquered the audience with the song "Young Love" in the summer of 2019. He does not think to stop there and pleases fans with new songs, sincere and fresh, like the air of Novorossiysk, a city that he considers native.


The real name of the musician, acting under the creative pseudonym Vogel, is Robert Chernikin. The artist was born on July 28, 2001, sung by Vladimir Vysotsky Magadan, but after his parents divorced, he moved with his mother, Marina Chernikina, to Novorossiysk, where he spent his childhood. In the southern city, which became his hometown, Robert entered school No. 21, and Marina managed to get a specialist position in working with children and adolescents in the same school.

In early childhood, Robert withdrew and very shy, but the support of his mother and the work that he always carried out on himself, over time, helped him overcome children's complexes. According to the artist, his mother wanted a better future for him and dreamed of seeing him in public service. In the summer of 2019, in an interview for Like FM Radio, the musician told the presenter Vitalik Mishura that in high school he was fascinated by the idea of ​​opening his own business. After spending a vacation in the Novorossiysk camp for gifted teens, fifteen-year-old Robert created his first business project and became famous as the youngest entrepreneur in Novorossiysk. According to Chernin, the idea to buy faceless T-shirts in the city markets and decorate them with daring inscriptions was born to him spontaneously. In an article posted in the publication "Our Novorossiysk" in the fall of 2016, a young businessman said that his school friends helped him advertise the products, the guys took off in clothes for free that featured Robert's invented logos and inscriptions in rebellious youth style. A friend of the mother, who sewed hoodies according to Robert's sketches, also helped the budding entrepreneur. Despite Chernikin's fierce desire to develop his business, the idea failed, but, according to him, he was not at all upset. The reason why Robert could not realize his plans to open the production of youth clothing was the lack of knowledge in the field of marketing. That is why he decided to go to a specialized college and get an exceptional education. However, these plans did not come true - music broke into the life of a novice entrepreneur.


In 2017, Robert tried to win a grant for the implementation of his project, called ChistoPlyazh. According to the young man, the city authorities should not have remained indifferent to the idea of ​​cleaning and improving the beaches of Novorossiysk, but the development project was not received.

At this time, Robert became interested in hip-hop culture. The songs of the rap musician Eminem inspired the writing of their songs. In an interview, Vogel says that he posted his first creations on Instagram and other social networks, and in 2017 he recorded his first collection, but on the Internet, you can not find either the name of the album or the songs from it. As a pseudonym, the young musician chose his mother's maiden name - Vogel. In an interview for the Tête-à-tête YouTube show, Robert said that freedom is the most crucial factor for him, and translated from German, "Vogel" is a bird that is considered the embodiment of freedom in many cultures, which was also the reason for the choice of this stage name. 


Even though Robert claims that he gained some fame on social networks even before the appearance of "Young Love", most Russians learned about its existence precisely after the release of this song. At the end of the summer of 2019, the light dance song "Young Love" conquered the Russian Internet, only in the first weeks after posting on YouTube it gained hundreds of thousands of views. A month later, the singer presented his second song, "Remain Dawn," co-written with his longtime friend Roman Danilov, known in the music environment as Dr Shaman, which, however, was unable to break the bar set by the debut song. The composition "Summer 17" and the video clip for it, released in the fall of 2019, confirmed the rise of a new pop star, they began to invite Robert to the show, and his songs entered the top of the most popular on the VKontakte social network.


At a young age, Robert had to endure a painful breakup with a girl. However, he calls any experience positive and says that Max Korzh's songs help him cope with emotions. The young artist calls sincerity and selflessness the main qualities that he most appreciates in people. He values ​​friendship with those people who knew him before his popularity but is open for new acquaintances. Robert entirely agrees with the statement of Irina Khakamada, who claims that friendship and love are almost the same things. 


At the end of 2019, Robert moved to Moscow. In an interview for the tete-a-tete show program, he said that it was difficult for him to get used to life in the capital, but he was not shy about his provincialism. In November 2019, Vogel performed at the Moscow Bolshoi rap festival, where he sang the song "Trams Home." In January 2020, the musician introduced his new song. The track "Bitch" posted in the official group on the social network "VKontakte", the number of subscribers of which is growing every day and at the end of January is more than two hundred thousand people.