Vitas - singer, songwriter, actor

Published At: 12 June 2020 , 04:04 PM

Career: actor, composer, singer

Date of Birth: February 19, 1979 

Age: 41 years old

Place of Birth: Daugavpils, Latvia

Height: 179

Family status: married


Vitas - singer, songwriter, actor His exceptional falsetto style aroused public interest and brought unprecedented popularity.

The most famous song hits performed by him are "Opera No. 2" and "Element 7".

Childhood and youth

The real name of Vitas is Vitaly Vladasovich Grachev. He was born in the Latvian Daugavpils on February 19, 1979. Vitas - Latvian version of the name of the singer: in his passport appears the Russian name Vitaly. Soon after the birth of a son, the Grachev family moved to Odessa, where Vitas's grandfather Arkady Maransman lived. The artist himself considers himself more Odesa and Ukrainian since he left the Baltic in early childhood. Grachev now has Ukrainian citizenship and Odesa registration. Mother Lilia Mikhailovna adored her only son, tried to dress him better. At that time, there was a shortage in everything, and the woman herself was sewing clothes. By the way, already when Vitas became famous, he spoke for a long time in things sewn by his mother.

But with his father, Vladas Arkadevich Vitas had a problematic relationship. He spoke about this in December 2016 at the program of Andrei Malakhov, "Let them talk." The artist honestly admitted that he had not talked with his father for more than three years. Vitaly's cousin reported that family relations deteriorated after grandfather died. The singer was also troubled by the death of his mother, who had gone to another world in 2001. In the air, Vitas said that he had received a letter from his father, and so sincerely, he did not speak with him even once. The artist thanked Vladas Arkadevich for supporting him in childhood (it was he who bought him the first synthesizer) and invited him to celebrate New Year.

Vitas's parents had nothing to do with music. Only grandfather Arkady Maransman liked to sing. The boy's father wanted to see his son as a football player, and his grandfather, behind a war, dreamed of a grandson's military career. But the guy was drawn to music and drawing, so he not only studied at a secondary school but also studied accordion for three years at a music school. And the boy served in the local theater of plastic and voice parody. First, Vitas talentedly copied the movements of Michael Jackson, later brilliantly parodied a variety of people, and equally successfully both men and women. Soon Grachev began to engage in jazz vocals with teacher Anna Rudneva.

In addition to the stage, Vitaly loved to draw. His artistic work is reminiscent of the style of Salvador Dali. After graduating from the 9th grade, Grachev went to conquer Moscow.


At the age of 14, Vitas wrote the song "Opera No. 2". When the guy arrived in the capital, he immediately began to work with Sergei Pudovkin, who noticed an unusual boy back in Odessa. He becomes the producer of Vitas. And Sergei's mother, according to the singer himself, took care of him as a native, replacing the deceased mother. With the help of Pudovkin, the first video for the composition "Opera No. 2" appeared, which the audience immediately liked. First of all, by its eccentricity: the audience struck by the piercing falsetto of the young singer and the strange "gills" on his neck.

The performer began to engage in solo creativity in December 2000, so the start of his creative biography usually counted from zero. After Grachev's debut on the Russian stage, many listeners and experts wondered: what is the secret of his fantastic falsetto and how a man can draw such high notes. Music critics and educators did not understand why the performer does not sing in the chest register.

Around the personality of the young singer went all kinds of fables. Some believed that the musician was a descendant of Ichthyander, and the gills shown in the video were real. Some of the journalists even expressed their suspicions that the boy neutered in childhood.

Vita's producer Sergei Pudovkin tirelessly explained that this was not fraud, but a particular device of his throat and ligaments. Admittedly, few believed in this. For example, Elena Kirashvili, associate professor of the vocal department at Moscow Pedagogical University, argues that Vitas' "singing" on low notes is not singing at all, but recitative, which is typical only for performers who have never practiced vocals. Vitaly Grachev did not achieve success in the capital immediately. His first tours were disastrous and unprofitable, barely covering losses. But the producer of the performer did not give up, claiming that everyone who came to the Vitas concert would undoubtedly become his fans. Colleagues on the stage claimed that Vitas sings to the soundtrack, but all the shows of the artist take place live. It is noteworthy that Grachev even managed to re-sing Sergei Penkin, whose voice in 4 octaves is called silver. Vitas takes 5.5 octaves, but, if necessary, can sing and bass. The debut single "Opera No. 2" was released by the artist, attaching to him small pieces of his red scarf, which was supposedly on his neck in a clip. The video for the composition "Opera No. 1" was filmed in a Vietnamese temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is worth noting that Vitaly likes the East and its contemplative ideology. It rumored that Vitas in Tibet had ordained a monk.

With solo programs, Vitas during his career has visited dozens of countries around the world. Grachev especially adored in China, where he is considered the most famous singer in Russia. In China, Vitaly made his debut as an actor. He has played in several films, including Mulan, The Last Secret of the Master, and Creating the Party. In China, the official Vitas fan club has over a million fans, and a statue in honor of the "Russian miracle" erected in Shanghai.