Valery Kipelov - biography, songs, personal life

Published At: 04 August 2020 , 07:01 PM

Career: composer, poet, singer, rock musician

Date of Birth: July 12, 1958

Age: 62 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Growth: 179

Family status: married


Russian rock cannot imagine without one of its brightest representatives - Valery Kipelov. As the vocalist of the group "Aria," he gained millions of fans and, with his first performance, brought fame to the whole group. Thanks to the musician's charisma and profound lyrics, the Kipelov project, created in 2002, enjoys immense popularity.

Valery was born in Moscow on July 12, 1958. The boy spent his childhood in the Kapotnya district, which not considered the most prestigious capital. From a young age, Kipelov was fond of sports. At one time, his father loved to play football, so he dreamed of passing on his knowledge to his son and making him a real hockey player or football player. As a child, Valery began to study music. However, this choice was made for him by his parents. They sent their son to a music school, where he learned to play the button accordion. Since the boy did not show proper interest, he promised to give him a puppy. Gradually, Kipelov became interested in music and learned to play the hits "Deep Purple" and "Creedence" on the button accordion.

1972 brought significant changes in Kipelov's life. Father asked Valery to sing at his sister's wedding and the invited group "Peasant Children." The boy sang a couple of songs by the Pesnyary ensemble and the Creedence group. The musicians were surprised by the guy's abilities and invited him to become members of the group. So, from the eighth grade, Valery began performing at family holidays and earning his first money. After school, Valery studied at the technical school of automation and telemechanics. As the musician himself recalled, it was a great time of the constant search for oneself and an unforgettable first love, but in 1978 Kipelov was drafted into the army. Valery sent to a sergeant training company in the Yaroslavl region (the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky). Then Kipelov served in the missile forces near Nizhny Tagil. But even in the ranks of the Red Army, the guy did not forget about music. Together with the army ensemble, he visited many missile points in the country, where he spoke to soldiers and at various celebrations in front of officers and warrant officers.


After returning from the army, Kipelov began to study music on a professional level. For some time, he was a member of the Six Young Ensemble. It also included Nikolai Rastorguev, who later became the vocalist and leader of the Lyube group.

In September 1980, the entire collection of the Six Young Group moved to the Leisya Song ensemble. Several fruitful years ended with the band's disbandment in 1985. Therefore, the guys could not pass the state program and forced to stop joint musical activities.

The next stage in Kipelov's career was his participation in the "Singing Hearts" ensemble. But this group did not last long either. Soon, several members of the group decided to create a new project in the tight and provocative heavy metal style at that time, and Kipelov was assigned the role of vocalist.

Group "Aria"

Based on "Singing Hearts," a group "Aria" was formed, provided with significant support by Viktor Vekstein. The popularity of the new team grew at an incredible pace. At the same time, Kipelov's original voice largely determined the success of the guys. Also, Valery was the author of music for several rock ballads.

In 1987, a split occurred between the group members, and only two musicians remained under the leadership of producer Viktor Vekstein: Vladimir Kholstinin and Valery Kipelov. Then Vitaly Dubinin, Sergey Mavrin, Maxim Udalov join them, and the team continues to work with a new line-up.

The rapid growth of the group's popularity was interrupted by the difficult years for the country and the population at the beginning of the 90s. People have ceased to be interested in heavy music and go to concerts of rock bands. "Aria" no longer performed, and to feed his family, Kipelov had to work as a watchman. At the same time, conflicts between members of the group increasingly began to arise. Valery had to cooperate with other groups, for example, with the "Master" group. At that time, his colleague Kholstinin was engaged in the sale of aquarium fish and extremely negatively perceived Kipelov's actions. When "Aria" was recording an album called "Night is shorter than a day," the vocalist was not Kipelov, but Alexei Bulgakov. Only the record company, which threatened to break the contract, could return Valery to the group.

After Kipelov's return, the musicians presented three more joint albums. However, in 1997, the rocker recorded a new disc "Time of Troubles" with a former member of "Aria" Sergei Mavrin.

After the Chimera album, a big tour, and the Nashestvie festival, Kipelov decides to leave the band and create a solo project. He supported by other members of the group: Sergey Terentyev (guitarist), Alexander Manyakin (drummer), and Rina Lee (group manager). At the end of August 2002, Valery's last performance with the Aria group took place.

Personal life

The famous rocker realized the importance of a healthy and happy family in his youth. In 1978 Valery Kipelov married a girl from his area - Galina. A spectacular tall guy quickly conquered the beauty with his sincerity and talent. Together with his wife, Valery raised two children: daughter Jeanne (born 1980) and son Alexander (born 1989). Today, they have two granddaughters: Anastasia (born in 2001) and Sonya (born in 2009). Kipelov's children also chose a musical career. Zhanna became a conductor, and Sasha graduated from the famous Gnessin School (cello class).

The musician finds time for several hobbies. He is interested in motorcycles, billiards and, of course, football. Valery even participated in the creation of the anthem of the Moscow football club "Spartak." In his spare time, the rocker likes to read such writers as Jack London and Mikhail Bulgakov.