Umberto Tozzi: Biography and music career

Published At: 21 February 2020 , 07:22 PM


Umberto Tozzi is an Italian singer and composer, a participant in the San Remo festival, and the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The artist was incredibly popular at home and abroad.

Childhood and youth

Umberto Antonio Tozzi was born on March 4, 1952, in Turin. He became the youngest child in the family. The boy had a brother Franco. Senior Tozzi managed to realize himself in the musical field in the 1960s. Umberto took his first steps in the creative field under his care. Together with his brother's group, the young man went to concerts, during which he acted as a guitarist. By the age of 16, he was a member of the Off sound band.

In 1970, the budding musician met Adriano Pappalardo. The artists gathered 13 like-minded people and organized a team with which they went on tour around the country.

Personal life

Like most celebrities, Umberto maintains a personal page on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to accounts, fans follow the personal life of the artist. He regularly publishes news, photos, videos, and promotional materials.

The musician is 178 cm tall and weighs 80 kg.


The debut composition in Tozzi's biography was called Incontro d'amore. In 1973, the song was recorded. At the studio, where Umberto released compositions, he was periodically offered work as an accompanist, and then he acted as a guitarist when recording other people's records.

In 1974, students met with Un Corpo un 'anima. The artist wrote it in collaboration with Damiano Datolli. 

This hit was later performed by Wess & Dori Ghezzi. The song won the Canzonissima song contest. After some time, Datolli and Tozzi teamed up with producer Massimo Luca and created the I Data team. Deciding not to hesitate to record, the duo released the album, Strada Bianca. Soon the group broke up.

Familiarity with the producer and composer Giancarlo Bigazzi played a significant role in Tozzi's career. The interaction turned out to be fruitful: the songs were leading in the Italian charts and were liked by representatives of all generations. In 1976, Umberto recorded the first author's album. It is called Donna Amante Mia. The single Io camminerò performed by vocalist Faust Leali and turned out to be the leader in music charts. Among the most popular songs belonging to his authorship is Ti Amo, which has become a hit of discos in the USA and Australia. In 1977, the song recognized as the best at Festivalbar.

In 1980, the musician's discography replenished with the Tozzi album. The single Stella stai was so popular that the Puerto Rican band Menudo recorded it in Spanish under a different name. In the same year, Tozzi reissued the debut disc, adding live recordings to it, and a year later released the disc Notte rosa. In 1982, the album Eva was released, and after another two years - Hurrah.

The 1987th was marked for the artist by the victory at the music competition in San Remo. At the festival, the vocalist performed the song Si Pu dare di pi you in the company of Giorgio Morandi and Enrico Ruggeri. The composition was in the collection of the best hits of Tozzi. In the same year, the author represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest and took 3rd place with the song Gente Di Mare, performed by Raffael Riefoli. In 1988, the man began working with the Royal London Theater Albert Hall and released a second album of concert compositions, naming it after this theater.

Tozzi did not stop there and continued to write songs that highly praised at festivals in San Remo. The artist also released the album Equivocando, for which he created lyrics and music. The musician has several dozens of albums. In 2001, in a duet with Monica Bellucci, Umberto Tozzi rewrote the composition for the film "Asterix and Obelix: Mission" Cleopatra. "He brought the artist a new wave of international popularity. Then followed by several more songs, among which the universally recognized hit Gloria.

In the early 2000s, Tozzi recorded new albums and released collections. By 2005, five new records were added to his discography. He regularly gave concerts and even came to Russia to participate in the program "San Remo in the Kremlin gathers friends." In 2009, the musician performed in Moscow at the Disco of the 80s, and after four years, he supported the artist Al Bano at a concert in Crocus City Hall.