Two Men Found Guilty Of Murder Over Fatal Shooting At Melb Nightclub

Published At: 29 April 2022 , 08:02 AM

A man who pulled the trigger and a driver involved in a fatal drive-by nightclub shooting outside of a Melbourne venue have been found guilty of murder, while a third man was found guilty of hiding evidence.

As ABC reports, the jury took five days to come to a unanimous verdict on the case, which found Jacob Elliott, 21, Allan Fares, 24, and Moussa Hamka, 28, guilty.

Patron Richard Arow and security guard Aaron Osmani were killed in the shooting, with three others injured, after Elliott opened fire from a stolen Porsche. 

The prosecutors told the court that the pair were sent to the Love Machine by Elliott's late father, Nabil Maghnie, who was frustrated that one of his sons had been kicked out of the venue by security.

Four shots were fired into the crowd outside of the nightclub, with the two victims being shot in the head while three others were hit in the upper body.

The Supreme Court jury convicted Elliott and Fares guilty of two counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of intentionally causing serious injury.

Defence lawyer Julie Condon argued that Elliott reluctantly went to the club, pressured by his father who he was terrified of, a man with a violent past with access to illegal weapons.

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