Top Russian Singer - PHILIPP KIRKOROV

Published At: 08 June 2020 , 01:23 PM

Career: producer, singer, artist

Date of Birth: April 30, 1967

Age: 53 years

Place of Birth: Varna, Bulgaria

Height: 198

Family status: not married


Philip Kirkorov is a bright representative of the Russian show business, whose creative potential is unlimited. For more than 30 years, the "King" of pop pop has been captivating viewers with musical hits known in Russia, the countries of the former Soviet Union, America, and Europe. The Bulgarian-Russian artist is famous as a music performer, a talented composer, producer, and charismatic actor who never ceases to amaze the audience.

Childhood and youth

Philip Kirkorov was born in April 1967 in the Bulgarian city of Varna. It is not surprising that the boy from an early age joined the art because he grew up in a family of artists. Father - Armenian Bedros Krikoryan - a famous singer in Bulgaria, worked with Leonid Utesov, Yuri Silantyev, Eddie Rosner. According to Bedros Filippovich, the surname had to change to Kirkorov to enroll in a Bulgarian school. Mother Victoria Markovna Likhacheva grew up in a family of circus artists, led concerts. The boy spent his childhood on touring performances by his parents. In 1974, the singer's family moved to Moscow, where he went to first grade and attended piano and guitar lessons, as he already dreamed of becoming a famous artist. Philip graduated from school with a gold medal and went to GITIS. Still, the attempt was a failure - the admissions committee of the department of musical comedy did not evaluate the vocal data of the applicant. In 1984, the future singer went to study at the Gnesins State Music College. After four years, he graduated from an educational institution, having received a red diploma. While still a first-year student, in 1985, he appeared on the television program "Shire Krug," where he performed the song "Alyosha," popular in those days, in Bulgarian. So began the creative biography of the performer and producer in Russia.

Music and creativity

In 1987, the musician invited to work in the Leningrad Music Hall, directed by Ilya Rakhlin. The artist immediately went on tour with a creative team to Berlin, where he performed at the Friedrichstadtpalas theater. Returning from a foreign trip, Philip Kirkorov realized that the work was not for him, and left the music hall. Soon, the singer met with the songwriter Ilya Reznik and, with his help, took the first steps on the Russian stage. At the "Opening Day" of Reznik in 1988, Philip Kirkorov met with Alla Pugacheva, who invited the singer to participate in the "Christmas Meetings."

By that time, the novice performer managed to perform in Yalta at the first competition in his career and to shoot a clip for the song "Carmen." In the same period, another important meeting took place with the poet Leonid Derbenev, who wrote songs for the singer a little later, which became megahits: "Heaven and Earth," "You, You, You," "Night and Day," "Atlantis." Philip Kirkorov's solo career began in St. Petersburg in the 90s. The hit "Heaven and Earth" helped to win the Grand Prix as part of the "Schlager-90" festival. Then each song in his performance became super popular. In 1991, the album "You, You, You" was sold in record circulation, and the video clip for the composition "Atlantis" was named the best clip of 1992.

In 1993, the songs "You Say Tell Me Cherry," and "Marina" became hits. Also, he begins to tour outside of Russia - in Germany, Australia, Canada, and Israel. There he won the first international Golden Orpheus, and in his homeland, he received the honorary title of "Best Singer of the Year." In 1995, Philip Kirkorov participated in Eurovision as a representative of Russia but took only 17th place in the international competition. Such a failed result did not prevent the singer from pursuing a brilliant musical career - in Russia, Kirkorov is at the peak of popularity and is rapidly gaining fame by releasing new hits and videos.

In 1997, the musician expanded his creative activity and became a composer and producer for young Russian artists, as well as the leading expert for Eurovision participants. His wards - Angelica Agurbash, Dmitry Koldun, and Ani Lorak - with the help of the master, adequately represented the country in different years at an international competition. Over the next five years, Philip Kirkorov worked actively: he released songs and albums almost every year. Among them are collections "I am not Rafael," "Primadonna," "Tell the sun: "Yes!", "With a love for the one," "Oh mother, I will give you chic!", "In love and insanely lonely." The height of the artist's popularity fell on the finals of the 1990s. He received the second prestigious "World Music Awards" (he won the first in 1996 for a record circulation of sound carriers among Russian artists, amounting to 2 million copies).

 In 1999, Philip Kirkorov participated in the charity program Michael Jackson and Friends - What more can I give, where Michael Jackson invited him. In the 2000s, the artist is engaged in producing and acting in films. At the same time, he does not stop performing with his concert programs (Diva, King of Mambo, King of Remake, Give).

The actor's debut took place in 2000 - Philip Kirkorov played pop star Evgeny Slavin in the multi-part melodrama Beauty Salon. The next film work was the role in the film "Love in the Big City" (2008), in which the master of the Russian stage appeared in the image of St. Valentine. The soundtrack to this tape performed by the singer "Just Give" held the championship in the country's charts for six months. In 2009 and 2013 appeared in the second and third parts of the film. Kirkorov repeatedly participated in the filming of New Year's musicals. Philip Bedrosovich played a cameo in the film "Women's Happiness", the series "My Fair Nanny" and "Matchmakers 4". In addition to filming a movie, he led the morning entertainment author's "Morning with Kirkorov," which released from 2003 to 2005. The artist participated in the award "Soundtrack" (2004), the festival "5 stars" (2005), the projects "Minute of Fame" (2010), and "Factor A" (2011, 2012, 2013).

On this, the artist's creative potential did not dry out - the pop king also conquered the theatrical stage. In 2000, he participated in the musical Metro, which prompted the musician to stage the Broadway musical Chicago. The Russian became a producer and played a significant male role. In Russia, the musical performance was called "Premiere of the Year." Chicago producers also appreciated the American producers - the pop artist was named the best performer of the role of Billy Flynn, and the star's portrait in the image of the protagonist in the portrait gallery of the musical on Broadway.

The "king" of Russian pop music continues to conquer the world of show business. In 2016, Philip Kirkorov became the chief assistant and producer of the Russian singer Sergei Lazarev, who participated in Eurovision 2016 with the song "You Are The Only One." But the results of the contest turned out to be scandalous. According to the audience's voting, Lazarev became the undisputed winner of the competition but took third place in the final table. The jury gave the victory in Eurovision 2016 to the Ukrainian performer Jamala.