Top 10 legendary singers (in all history)

Published At: 18 July 2020 , 07:30 PM

Let's talk about the most famous, popular and best singers of our planet in history. From this article, you will teach about ten singers who have proved to the whole globe that they are real talents and nuggets. Each of them left or continues to leave his mark in the global music industry.

Once again, I want to say that the choice was not easy, but I made it. Now we will get acquainted with a selection of ten singers who proudly bear the title - a legend of world music of different times and genres.

#1 Freddie Mercury

Even though this stunning British artist has not been with us for twenty-eight years, he died in 1991, his popularity does not disappear, and is gaining momentum over the years, as fans of his work only increase.

For twenty-two years of his activity, he released two solo albums, a little more than ten of which, together with the Queen band, were the leader of the group. It seems that all the songs included in them became not only known throughout the world but also immortal. After the death of the singer, six more of his collection albums released.

#2 Justin Timberlake

We first met him in 1997, right after the release of the debut album of the group "N Sync" (where Justin was), which blew up the whole globe not only with its music but also with its participants - beautiful young people. Five years later, Timberlake began a solo career.

Over the years of his solo career, he released five albums, recorded twenty-five collaborations with eminent artists worldwide, went on a world tour six times, starred, and voiced more than twenty games and cartoons. It also has a vast number of music awards, among which the main one is a Grammy (several pieces).

#3 Victor Tsoi

Almost three decades ago, not just a wonderful person and a very talented musician passed away, a whole era has passed, but fans of this artist's creativity do not let him forget about him.

"Choi is alive" - read millions of inscriptions left by admirers of talent throughout our country and abroad, which can found anywhere. And these people are right - as long as there is a memory, Victor Robertovich will live in our hearts.

Over the twelve years of their activity, Tsoi and his group "Cinema" managed to leave us a considerable legacy, they know their songs by heart, admire their talent, and the roles in the movie of Viktor himself left a huge imprint in the hearts of people. In total, nine albums recorded.

To this day, friends, colleagues, and fans of Viktor Tsoi dedicate songs, poems, films, and other things to him, not letting anyone forget him. Recently on my blog came out of a selection of the best songs in the genre of Russian rock, and "Blood type" was in the first place.

#4. Paul McCartney

Sir James Paul McCartney knows around the world as both an individual and as a member of the legendary band "The Beatles". By his seventy-six years, this incredible British multi-instrumentalist musician and singer (let's dwell on these roles, since listing everything - you can go crazy) has reached tremendous heights.

McCartney was able to

  • get sixteen Grammy statuettes and a vast number of other awards and state orders around the world,
  • record more than thirty different albums,
  • shoot more than fifty video clips,
  • record an enormous amount of soundtracks and duets,
  • write a vast number of songs,
  • become a producer.

#5 Robby Williams

The other day, this British musician, public figure, songwriter, and actor celebrated his forty-fifth birthday. Over his nearly thirty-year career, he has recorded a vast number of musical creations both as part of taking That, so solo and in duets with stars of various sizes, released eighteen albums, became the hero of a video game, took part in the filming of films, and is actively involved in advertising companies, devotes a lot of time to charity.

The sales figures for this artist's albums are very high, in total exceeding sixty million copies.

#6 Enrique Iglesias

This forty-three-year-old Spaniard excites the hearts of millions of fans worldwide; he is very popular not only in Russia, Europe, the USA but also in Latin America.

Iglesias has a vast number of music awards, where numerous "ASCAP occupies a particular place", "American Music Awards", "World Music Awards" and "Grammys".

Enrique released ten albums, starred in three films, regularly participates in commercials, is a music producer, and nine times went on world tours. He is also an exemplary family man and philanthropist.

#7 Eminem

At forty-six, this American rap artist can boast of unprecedented success, which is only worth the title of "Best-Selling Artist," which has sold over one hundred million albums in ten years.

In the thirty years that he knows to the world, Eminem was able to release a little more than twenty different albums, shoot thirty-two video clips, write autobiographical books, travel to the world a lot of times with concerts, became a music producer and songwriter (including for other artists), to take part in various projects, to star in numerous commercials, to try himself in films, was engaged in dubbing games and cartoons.

The rapper founded his charitable foundation, The Marshall Mather's Foundation.

#8. Michael Jackson

It is impossible to leave my story without the king of pop music because this human-made an invaluable contribution not only to music but also other sectors of the world. This is the only artist who has visited the Guinness World Records book a vast number of times, and he has also sold a billion copies of his various musical creations.

Michael Jackson left the world almost ten years ago; at that time, he was only fifty years old but left a great legacy to his fans and those connected with the music world. Over the years of his life and career, he managed to release more than twenty albums, star in ten films, was a regular participant in television broadcasts (in the early years of his work), published several books about himself, took part in the creation of video games (where he was a hero).

He was also an excellent choreographer, his concerts and video clips turned into the most enchanting show thanks to his dance numbers. He wrote beautiful scripts of his programs, was engaged in arranging compositions and was the author of songs. Jackson devoted a considerable part of his life to charity.

The awards that the king of pop music received can speak about for a very long time - during his life he gained a great many of them, the greatest and most crucial achievement among them is fifteen Grammy statuettes.

#9 Sting

The sixty-seven-year-old British musician, songwriter, and public figure have reached great heights in his career, both as a solo artist and as part of the groups in which he took part.

Sting has released over 20 different albums (solo and collaborative) and shot a huge number of video clips. He devoted himself to filming in films, where he took part in more than fifteen films. On his account, a vast amount of awards. This artist has helped many young talents and stars.

In addition to making a significant contribution to music, this wonderful man made a great contribution to the natural world. He even created a fund for the protection of tropical forests. And, of course, pays enough attention to charity.

#10 Elvis Presley

Without the rock and roll king, my selection would be entirely incomplete. Even though he passed away more than forty years ago, he is still remembered and loved, and his popularity knows no boundaries to this day.

This talented man contributed to music, making rock and roll accessible and giving life to the rockabilly style. Elvis devoted a sufficient part of his life to filming.

Over the years of his activity, Presley has released about fifty different albums and starred in thirty-one feature films. Nearly one billion Elvis records sold worldwide.

This concludes my story about the most famous singers of the planet around the world. And you will soon be waiting for the top ten most famous actors.