The Grotto group: Biography and music career

Published At: 30 March 2020 , 04:54 PM

The Grotto group is a hip-hop duet of two members - Vitaly and Dmitry, who did not come up with any stage names for themselves, but represented themselves merely as "guys from the Grotto." At the beginning of their career, they were on the label "Ambush Production".

Healthy lifestyle

At the beginning of his career, the team paid much attention to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle (HLS). It was then that gangs of teenagers appeared who began to imitate them but still did not resemble those who read about Ponte, smoking, booze, and robbery in their songs. Later, the group switched to topics with a deeper meaning about self-development and covered philosophical questions about education.

Debut album

Before the release of a full-fledged studio album, the guys released regular online releases, as well as small albums. A full-fledged album was released only in 2011 and was called "On the Way Across the Counter," then the group already had numerous fans, which helped the album to fly apart without the help of advertising.

Partnership with Respect Production

The second studio album "Brothers by Default" was released in 2013 with the support of the label "Respect Production," but the collection itself was not part of the label. Only in 2015, a contract was signed with the management of "Respect Production" and the third studio album "Earthlings" officially became the property of the record label.

2016 is the year of video clips

In 2016, the team released a mini-album "Towards the Sun" and continued to work on recording a studio album actively. In addition, GROT pleased the fans with the release of as many as four video clips.