Tay-K: Biography and music career

Published At: 22 March 2020 , 04:25 PM


Taymor Travon Mclntyre, from Arlington, Texas, USA, and only 17 years old, was born July 16, 2000. His mother and his father are Cripples, that is, members of the large African-American criminal community Crips. The same gang once included rappers Snoop Dogg and Eazy-E. Taymor's father spent most of his childhood in prison, and when he left, the family moved to Arlington, Texas. There Tay-K began his fast-paced career.

Taymor predictably didn't stick with his studies: he was even kicked out of high school. But he met his peer Pimpyz and Santana Sage. - he was three years older.

All three are currently charged with murder. Santana Sage., Who had served in the Marines before his arrest, was sentenced to 44 years in prison, and Pimpyz was awaiting trial.

Tay-K, Pimpyz, and Santana Sage formed the rap group Daytona Boyz. The band recorded their first track at the end of 2014 when Tay-K was only 14 years old. The guys quickly gained some fame on the local stage. Taymor shortly after his debut tried to reach out to TV presenter Sean Cotton, writing to him that Daytona Boyz had tens of thousands of online auditions and was quoted by other Texas hip-hop artists such as $ ix Co. and Crit Life.

In less than a year, Daytona Boyz began to call for events. At the end of 2015, the three were invited to perform at the New Year's party in Denton. Unfortunately, 20-year-old student Sarah Mutshlchner came on the same holiday. She was not destined to survive until 2016.

The network has preserved a video of the performance of Daytona Boyz from that ill-fated party. All the guests look cheerful and carefree, many hugs and sing in unison. The newly-made rappers decided not to sit up until the morning and got into the car at about two in the morning.

Sarah and her three friends left at about the same time, and at one of the traffic lights, the two cars caught up. What happened next is not known for sure, but Sarah got a bullet in her head, and her vehicle crashed into a pole.

Santana Sage claimed that one of Mutschlchner's friends threatened him with a gun, and the convict's lawyer insisted that his client shot by accident. Friends of the deceased girl said that Santana Sage and her friends caught up with the car of the murdered woman, asked her to lower the window, started to send vulgar comments, and after they refused to get to know them, they began to pursue the care of Sarah and her friends.

During the shot, the Tay-K was in the back seat. The police could not decide for a long time whether to consider him, like Pimpyz, an accomplice in a crime or to let him go. In the end, he managed to avoid accusations,

Fate gave a chance. TAY seems to have taken advantage, in March 2016, releasing a solo track Megaman. But four months later, he returned to the world of crime: as soon as he was 16 years old, he took part in the robbery and murder of the 21-year-old Walker.

In this case, seven people were arrested: four guys, not counting Tay-K, and two girls who were baits. Megan Holt and Ariana Barrat were supposed to seduce Walker, get into his house and let in robbers who, threatening with weapons, would take out money and drugs.

At first, everything went as it should, but in the end, the plan fell through: Ethan Walker was killed, and two more were injured. Taymor was placed under house arrest. The judge had to decide whether to judge him as an adult (a murder article meant the possibility of death) or as a minor.

Tay-K did not wait for a decision, a few days before the verdict was hacked, he cut off an electronic bracelet and, together with another suspect, fled from the feds in San Antonio.

"To hell with this house arrest, to hell with the police, they will have to catch me in the area," the rapper wrote on Twitter.

Taymor's accomplice soon caught, and the rapper escaped again, after having committed yet another murder and attack on a senior citizen. First, in April, he was hit by a car, and then shot 23-year-old Mark Anthony Saldivar, who, along with Tay-K and several acquaintances, was driving in a car in San Antonio. After the conflict, Mark tried to get out of the car and call for help, but the driver ran into him, after which one of the passengers finished him off with a shot. Traffic cameras spotted the rapper at the crime scene.

A month later, Taymor attacked the 65-year-old Skip Pip in one of Arlington's parks, threatened him with a weapon, and beat him unconscious. The injured pensioner identified him from the photograph.

After all this, Taymora headed to New Jersey, where the legendary clip for The Race was filmed. In the song, the rapper recalls his friend Pimpyz ("Pimp will eat noodles every day"), says that it is better not to mess with him, and describes his weapon.

"I'll shoot, bitch, without talking, I'll shoot, it is written on my face," he reads.

The video appeared online with the hashtag  #FREETAYK. The track debuted on the 70th line of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, after which it climbed to the top 50. In SoundCloud, the song became the second in auditions, and Spotify almost topped the rating of "50 Most Essential Songs" on Spotify lists. Dozens of famous musicians, from Lil Yachty to Fetty Wap, recorded remixes of this composition.

One of Texas's most famous rappers, Travis Scott, supported Taymora by citing a line from The Race on his Twitter. His release was required on social networks by Lil Bibby, and the hashtag #FREETAYK used by Meek Mill, Desiigner, and Kodak Black. Critics noted the incredible realism of the texts and the direct manner of execution, regretting the lost talent.

On release day, The Race Taymora was caught and put in jail.

At the moment, Taymor is behind bars, and the court postponed indefinitely. The Daytona Boyz team continues to promote Taymor's work while he is behind bars.


His mother and his father are Cripples, that is, members of the large African-American criminal community Crips.

After one of the concerts in search of entertainment, the trio rode around the area and met girls from neighboring cars. It ended extremely sadly - the eldest of Daytona Boyz shot a 20-year-old student with a shot in the head, for which he sentenced to 44 years. It was he who was driving. The second member of the group is awaiting trial. Tay-K was in the back seat at the time of the murder, so he escaped accusations.

Tay-K's father spent almost all of his childhood in prison.

Already in prison, Tay-K was able to issue his release under the name "Santana World".