Sunk Loto Are Officially Back!

Published At: 18 May 2022 , 01:49 PM

There it is folks, we were all very much at the Vinegar Stoke waiting for the past week for this. We've all been edging waiting for this - and it's come in the form of a short and sweet statement. A new photo of the guys and "Hey guys, we are officially back! thank you for all the love & support you've shown us on our return! looking forward to giving you more exciting news! we love you Dibs, Sean, Jason, Luke"

Now, let the speculation begin as to whether it's a return to the live music circuit or if there is new music on the way from the group. From rumours and hearsay going around various facebook groups etc, we can ascertain that the boys HAVE been sighted at Gold Coast rehearsal rooms together, so we can only assume that there HAS to be some sort of show or tour dates announcement imminent. Going on the hype that we received on our posts and site about that possibility, we have to say that any shows announced would 100% be a HOT ticket, for sure. 

Here for it - we'd be happy to be the outlet to announce the tour, lads. Inbox is open!

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