Statik Selektah: Biography and music career

Published At: 28 March 2020 , 05:16 PM

Statik Selektah Biography

Statik Selektah was born and raised in the American city of Boston, where he began his career as a DJ and radio host. In addition to his many musical merits, Statik Selektah is the founder of the Showoff Records label, where since 2010 he has been releasing his albums, as well as albums by artists and friends who are similar in spirit.

Work on the radio

He began his career on WPEA radio at a wavelength of 90.5fm in the city of Exeter (New Hampshire), after which he worked at seven more radio stations, including WERS at a wavelength of 88.9fm (Boston), WBOT at a wave of 97.7fm (Boston), and WBLX, KMJJ, Shade 45 (works now), KDON and WJMN.

First steps to music

The musician discovered his talent in high school, where he included music at various events and discos. Soon, he began to lead the local radio station at the Academy. Among other things, he experimented in creating instrumentals using an old cassette player and a vinyl player. Statik Selektah from the cradle was a fan of DJ Premier and Funkmaster Flex, at the beginning of his career, he sometimes included their tracks on the radio and scratched. Initially, he appropriated the nickname DJ Statik and only then replaced the DJ with Selektah. After a long practice on the radio, Statik Selektah began to try himself in clubs and at parties, which he did very well.

First release

Despite the fact that he had extensive experience, he released his first album only in 2007 and named it "Spell My Name Right: The Album." At the moment, he has seven solo albums on his account, as well as many collaborations, where Statik Selektah acted as a producer. In addition to solo work, the producer has his own group with rapper Termanology, which is called "1982".