Stas Mikhailov - biography, personal life, news

Published At: 07 August 2020 , 05:16 PM

Career: composer, poet, singer, chanson

Date of Birth: April 27, 1969

Age: 51 years

Place of Birth: Sochi, Russia

Growth: 178

Family status: married


It is impossible to imagine the modern Russian stage without this artist. But at the beginning of his career, the idol of millions of women stormed the capital twice, and the first time was unsuccessful. Failures did not break the singer, who, with his talent, managed to pave his way to the heights of fame. The efforts were deservedly rewarded.

Today Stas Mikhailov is a chanson star, multiple laureates of prestigious music awards, winner of the first place in the Forbes rating in the category of 50 leading Russian celebrities.

Childhood and youth

Stanislav Mikhailov was born on April 27, 1969, in the city of Sochi. His family was not wealthy: his father Vladimir Borisovich served as a pilot of civilian helicopters, and his mother, Lyudmila Vasilievna, worked as a nurse in a local gynecological clinic. The future singer spent his childhood on the Black Sea coast in a close family circle. Stas was mainly influenced by his older brother Valery. He taught young Mikhailov the first guitar chords and inspired him to become a pilot.

After graduating from school, Stanislav went to Minsk to continue his family business and devote his life to aviation. The young man entered the civil aviation school, but it took him only seven months to give up on this dream. Stas left school and returned home. In Adler, the young man found a job as a loader in a store. Mikhailov was ashamed of his craft and tried to avoid acquaintances who could see him doing such an occupation in every possible way.

Then Stas was drafted into the army. He was assigned to Rostov-on-Don, where he served in the Air Force of the North Caucasus region. Thanks to his driving experience, Mikhailov was appointed the chief of staff's car driver, and later - the commander-in-chief's driver.

After the army, Stas returned to his hometown, where his creative biography began. He became a businessman, worked part-time in a recording studio, and sang in restaurants in the evenings. The last two jobs allowed the future star to have a glimpse into the world of show business for a while. After recording his first unofficial album, Stas became a local celebrity, and this popularity prompted him to take up music seriously. In 1989, Stas Mikhailov and his entire family experienced a tragedy - at the age of 27, their elder brother Valery died in the mountains. As a pilot, he lost control of the helicopter, and he crashed down. There were a close bond and friendship between the brothers. After the funeral, Stanislav felt lonely for the first time in his life.

Until now, the singer and parents, according to him, cannot get used to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing a loved one. In 1992, Mikhailov went to Moscow, where he was again forced to do business related to video cassettes, in 2000 he finally moved to Moscow, where he began to reap the well-deserved fruits of his creative path.


After moving to Moscow in 1992, Mikhailov wrote his famous song "Candle," which listeners heard much later. Together with pop theater performers, he traveled almost all over the country, without ceasing to write songs and cherishing the dream of recording his album.

In 1997, the album "Candle" saw the world, and songs from it began to play on the recently opened radio station "Petrograd - Russian Chanson." Unfortunately for the performer, his first creation was not very popular, but the song of the same name "Candle" quickly sunk into the souls of the audience. But this was not enough for success, the singer and his family left for Sochi.

In 2000, Mikhailov finally moved to Moscow, where he began recording new songs and preparing an album. The first sign was the composition "Without You," which was successfully played on the radio.

In 2002 the album "Dedication" was released. Initially, Stas planned to publish it in a small print run for friends and acquaintances. However, the record began to enjoy success, and it was decided to increase the circulation. From that moment, the performer's stellar path began. In 2003, the artist's first solo concert took place in St. Petersburg.

In 2004, the album "Calling for Love" was released, which included the famous song "Without You." The musician's popularity skyrocketed, his compositions were played every hour on Radio Chanson. In the same year, a video clip for the song "Half" was shot, after which Mikhailov was seen and heard on television. At the same time, the singer's work is subjected to numerous criticism. Music experts often accuse Mikhailov of having achieved his popularity not with his talent, but by appealing to lonely and unhappy women, whom he promises to love and happiness at every concert and manipulates them. The press often accuses the musician of vulgarity, mediocrity, imitation of various musicians of the past like Elvis Presley, and also in the absence of a vocal gift.

His admirers also recognize the fact that Mikhailov's vocal range is small. But positively-minded critics are sure that the musician has correctly chosen the right niche and is working professionally in it. He compensates for the musical shortcomings with the quality of the lyrics and artistry.

Personal life

In his youth, the singer was in no hurry to establish his personal life. With his first wife, Inna Gorb, Stas married in 1996, after which the lovers were married in church. In 2001, they had a son, Nikita. Inna helped Mikhailov at the beginning of his creative career and even became a co-author of several songs. However, with the singer's popularity, problems came to the family, the couple began to quarrel, and in 2003 they divorced altogether. The singer dedicated the song "Well, that's all" to his ex-wife, and in an interview, he prefers not to remember his first marriage.