Silverchair Legend Ben Gillies Drops New Solo Track

Published At: 06 May 2022 , 12:44 PM

Legendary Silverchair drummer and artist Ben Gillies has released his new solo single On The Stereo.

The single reminds audiences of Gillies' many talents, reflecting his distinct songwriting ability that is reflected in Silverchair's biggest early hits that he co-wrote.

With On The Stereo, he leads the vocal line as well as performing all of the instrumental layers.

It's produced by award-winning producer Konstantin Kersting who has worked with Tones & I, Spacey Jane, The Jungle Giants and more. The single is a synth-driven earworm that features euphoric production and catchy anthemic lyrics.

“We all have experiences that we only need to think about to feel joy or a spark of excitement that can make us smile. For me, it’s listening to music on the stereo. As a child I’d sit in front of the stereo, taking in whatever song was playing, and I kept doing it throughout my teens and into adulthood," he stated.

"We tend not to listen to music on the stereo any more – it’s in our headphones, on our devices – but there is really nothing like that completely immersive experience of listening to music coming through speakers at home. (Maybe that’s why there’s such a demand for vinyl again).

“‘On the Stereo’ is a song about listening to music that also, I hope, captures what a magical experience it is. It is one of those songs that appeared with minimal effort. During a writing session in Newcastle, I quietened my mind then recorded for 10 or 15 minutes while I messed around with some chord progressions and melodies.

"Scott Aplin helped out with some of the instrumentation, then Konstantin Kersting brought the production to life. It was such a fun process making this song and I think we captured just how much fun it is to listen to music … on the stereo!"

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