Shlohmo: Biography and music career

Published At: 27 March 2020 , 03:39 PM

Shlohmo Biography

Shlohmo (in common people - Shlomo) is a contemporary musician from very sunny Los Angeles who creates great electronic music and captivates listeners with his soulful atmosphere. When Henry Laufer (as his parents called him) began his musical journey, he did not have a musical education, and he created his tunes exclusively through hearing. Subsequently, Shlomo entered the College of Art in his native California and is still studying, arranging thrash for breaks. At an early age, Shlomo was a fan of skateboarding and continuously arranged battles among groups; however, he still rides.

Debut release

Shlomo released his official debut album, "Bad Vibes" (Bad Vibes), via the label "Friends of Friends" in 2011. The album received excellent reviews, and Shlomo compared it with many prominent musicians of this style. At the time of the release of the debut album, Shlomo already had on his account several EP albums, singles, as well as a bunch of remixes, which, by the way, contributed to his promotion to a greater extent.


Shlomo quickly made friends with his new label and a year later successfully released his seventh EP under the title Vacation. The mini-album consisted of 8 tracks, 5 of which were remixes of his tracks from other artists.

Friendship with Jeremih

After the remix of the track Jeremih - "Fuck U All the Time" in 2012, Shlomo and Jeremy made friends and started a collaboration. Together they worked on the track "Bo Peep (Do U Right)" for Adidas Originals, and later promised to release a joint EP with the support of the famous label "Def Jam Recordings".

Laid Out and No More

In 2013, Shlomo released the Laid Out EP, and the following year the promised EP with Jeremih called No More.

Problems and the release of Dark Red

2014 and 2015, Shlomo experienced life difficulties and problems, under the influence of which he wrote and released his second studio album, Dark Red. The album turned out to be very gloomy, but extremely atmospheric. Album released by True Panther Sounds, a New York label, and its community, WeDidIt.