Shakira (Top women Singer) - biography, information, personal life

Published At: 21 June 2020 , 06:20 AM

Career: Singer, composer, producer, musician

Date of Birth: February 2, 1977

Age: 43 years

Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Colombia

Height: 157

Family status: Civil marriage


Shakira is a famous singer and the most successful Latin American performer on the modern stage, the author of famous musical compositions "Waka Waka," "Loka," "La, la, la."

Now the total sales of copies of her albums reach 60 million units. And the celebrity is considered the smartest pop singer of our time with IQ 140.

Childhood and youth

The family of Nidia Ripoll and William Nebarak Shadid raised eight more children from Shadid's previous marriages. The father of the future star was a rich man, owned a jewelry store, and was fond of writing prose.

At a young age, Shakira learned the alphabet, read, and wrote in her native language. The girl began to write poetry at the age of 4, and by the age of 7, she acquired her typewriter. As a child, she became interested in belly dancing, so her parents immediately sent a young star to learn dancing.

The girl promised the future of a writer, artist, and dancer, but Shakira became a world-famous singer and, also, gained significant weight in society as a philanthropist.


In 1990, at a local talent competition, the young Singer met the theater journalist Monica Ariza. Thanks to Monica's connections, who were interested in Shakira's career growth, the future star signed a contract with the Colombian branch of Sony Music.

On June 24, 1991, Shakira released an album called Magia. The disc consisted of 9 compositions written by the Singer herself and Colombian composers. The structure instantly became a hit within Latin America. At concerts, a miniature singer (performer's height 157 cm, weight 48 kg) amazed the audience not only with her loud voice and vocal technique but also with choreographic numbers. Released in 1996, Pies Descalzos was the first official studio project for the girl. The album budget was $ 100 thousand and quickly paid off.

Already in his youth, Shakira became a star on an international scale. Music critics praised the studio project of the Colombian Singer. In 1997, upon arrival in Bogota, it turned out that most of the pop singer's belongings, including the lyrics of new songs, were stolen by unknown persons. Shakira forced to start work on the album from scratch, immortalizing the incident in the title of the album "Dónde Están Los Ladrones?"

Despite the Spanish-language album, the creation of Shakira is viral in the United States.

In 1999, Shakira nominated for her first Grammy Award for Best Latin American Rock. The Singer recorded the first live album "MTV Unplugged", which held in the big ballroom of the Manhattan Center in New York. The album received 5 Grammy nominations, winning 2 of them.

To gain a foothold in the international market, Shakira decided to record an English-language album. For two years, the Singer recorded a new record, which was supposed to win the hearts of the audience finally. On August 27, 2001, the song "Whenever, Wherever," a single from her upcoming album, sounded on the radio. The composition instantly becomes a hit. In November 2001, the first English album, Laundry Service, was released. The disc was a resounding success among listeners around the world. However, some music critics accused Shakira of over-copying the style of American pop music and the loss of the Spanish charm of songs.

In 2005, Shakira released an album in Spanish, Fijación Oral, Vol. 1". The disc sold over 4 million copies worldwide and earned more than 15 music awards. The single "Hips Don't Lie" was a resounding success, becoming the best-selling single of the last ten years. The album consisted of 12 songs and received four music awards.

In 2007, Shakira sang a duet with another world star Beyoncé. The composition "Beautiful Liar" was included in Beyoncé's exclusive album "B'Day" and received a "Grammy" as the best joint vocal pop performance. Also, the song set the Billboard Hot 100 chart record - the single took off from 94th to 3rd place, showing the sharpest change in position in the chart's history.

In the same 2007, Shakira, under Isabelle Mebarak, entered the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2009, the celebrity presented the new single "She Wolf," which was very popular among listeners. However, the album of the same name, "She Wolf," could not surpass the success of the previous records of the performer. The disc contains 12 songs performed in the synth-pop genre.

The football anthem was a success and reached the 20th position of the world charts. After the release of the single, the 7th album of the pop star "Sale el Sol" was released, and his main song "Loca" again conquered the world charts.

Personal life

Since 2000, Shakira met with lawyer Antonio de le Roi. Together, the couple attended many important events. Antonio helped the beloved in everything, supporting her undertakings. The couple did not enter into an official marriage, but the Singer emphasized that she perceived Antonio as a husband; they did not need seals and papers to consider the relationship dangerous.

After 11 years of the novel, the Singer confirmed that she broke up with de la Roi by mutual agreement in the summer of 2010. Despite the assurance of Shakira that they and Antonio are not evil against each other, in 2013, de la Rua filed a lawsuit against the pop singer, demanding compensation of $ 100 million for his work on developing the Singer's career.

A California court dismissed the lawyer's lawsuit, stating that such a case should try in Colombia.