Sergey Zhukov - biography, personal life, news

Published At: 22 June 2020 , 09:53 AM

Career: producer, musician

Date of Birth: May 22, 1976

Age: 44 years

Place of Birth: Dimitrovgrad, Russia

Height: 178

Family status: Married to Regina Burd


To the songs of Sergey Zhukov and the group "Hands Up!" the whole generation of the 90s grew. Twenty years after its creation, Sergey's team is no longer so incredibly successful, but, no doubt, his work contributed to the development of Russian pop culture after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This singer managed to create the image of "his boyfriend", and such simplicity against the background of endless cloned sex symbols fell in love with millions of CIS citizens. Sergey Zhukov is a versatile person. In addition to creating music, he is engaged in business, produces young performers and even opened his confectionery. Also, he worked as a leading sports program.

Childhood and youth

Sergey was born on May 22, 1976, in a Russian outback, the town of Dimitrovgrad, in a mixed family. Father Evgeny Zhukov was Russian, and mother Lilia Khaibullina was a Tatar by nationality. After six years, the boy had a brother. The singer says that his childhood was happy and cloudless. Sergey's mother worked as a music teacher, she instilled in the child a love of art, and at primary school age, the boy began to study piano.

Young Zhukov was interested in many sports, ranging from football and hockey to martial arts, which gained popularity in the 80s. Later Sergey became interested in bodybuilding, and this pastime almost became fatal for a teenager. Contacting a lousy company, he began to use steroids to increase muscle, which led to poor health. Only thanks to the timely intervention of his mother, Sergei was able to refuse both the company and the use of such substances.


At the age of 17, Seryozha moved to Samara and got a job on Europa Plus radio, where he became the host of the Hit-Hour dance music news program. At this radio station, he met with Alexei Potekhin, who hosted the author's program "Poteshina Poteshina."

Young people quickly agreed on music and decided to create their project "Uncle Ray and Company." "Uncle" was Sergei, because he so named for imitating the style of the famous techno musician Ray Sleingard. After several months of rehearsal, Alexey and Sergey saved up a small amount of money and went to Togliatti to record the first songs. To earn a living, friends performed at various parties and quickly gained success in Togliatti and Samara. In 1995, they went to the capital.

During this period of his creative biography, Alexey and Sergey began to create those songs that later became the basis of the group "Hands Up!" and entered the first album. Young people decided on the name and style of the new project, but otherwise, they were disastrously unlucky. A crisis was raging in the country; producers did not risk investing in dubious schemes. After two years, Zhukov and Potekhin met with producer Andrei Malikov. In spring, the duet performed at the Non-Stop 97 festival and in the same year released their first album, "Breath Evenly". 2 songs from this disc firmly settled on the tops of Russian charts, and in the press, the group was called only the opening of the year.

In 1998, "Hands Up!" Three new albums were released right away. An unprecedented take-off marked by a surprisingly large number of awards, among which - a platinum disc for the number of copies sold and the Golden Gramophone for the song "My Baby". The next few years, the group's popularity only increased, concerts held with full houses. Together with her, the number of awards among Zhukov and Potekhin also grew. In 2000, the group broke up with producer Andrei Malikov. The reasons remained unknown, and information reached the press only that there were disagreements of a financial nature. In the spring of the same year, the next album, Hello, It's Me, was released. Critics praised the new compositions, and among the audience of the collective, the song "Alyoshka" and a clip for it instantly became a hit.

In support of the new disc "Hands Up!" conducted a large-scale tour, which included the cities of Russia, CIS countries and far abroad. It is noteworthy that this album released on the B-Funky label, which Zhukov and Potekhin created to help young musical talents. In particular, the singer Murphy promoted, and the year 2000 was marked by the release of a joint composition with just-beginning singer Diana Gurtskaya. In 2001, the team released two more albums, songs of which awarded with various awards. By the turn of the millennium, there was no more popular pop group than Hands Up!

The next year was no less fruitful in the life of the team. Listeners got the opportunity to enjoy the new album, in which the performers tried to move away from the usual genre of light pop music and create something more serious. However, judging by the reaction of critics, they were not able to significantly change the situation. But the video for the song "He Kisses You" instantly became famous thanks to the participation in the filming of the travesty artist Anatoly Evdokimov. 

Personal life

Sergey met his first wife Elena Dobyndo in his youth, in Tolyatti, but their romance began only after both moved to Moscow. These rapidly developing relationships led to the pregnancy of Lena, which did not please her influential father, who once headed AvtoVAZ and IzhAvto. Young people played a wedding, a daughter Sasha was born in marriage. Due to constant quarrels, the couple filed for divorce. Sergey tried to make peace with his ex-wife but to no avail.

Elena and her daughter moved to the USA. Alexandra turned out to be a musically gifted girl; she became the soloist of the Russian children's theatre Lyudmila Scheible. The artist continued to see her daughter in 2014; they first appeared together in front of photo lenses. Sergey visited Chicago with a concert, where he went on stage with Alexandra.

Now harmony reigns in the artist's personal life, Zhukov is married to singer Regina Burd. They consolidated their relationship unusually - on the island of Koh Samui. The newlyweds planted a tree of love, to which they come every year.