Sergey Lazarev - New Songs, Playlists & Latest News

Published At: 12 June 2020 , 04:35 PM

Career: actor, movie, singer, TV host

Date of Birth: April 1, 1983

Age: 37 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Height: 185

Family status: not married


Sergey Lazarev - Russian pop star, former lead singer of Smash !! "And now a famous solo artist, theater actor, and TV presenter. He is proud that he manages to combine several tasks at the same time and competently distribute forces.

Childhood and youth

Sergey was born on the first April day of 1983 in Moscow in the family of Valentina Viktorovna and Vyacheslav Yurievich Lazarev. It became the second child: brother Pavel is five years older. A sister could have been, but the girl died in childbirth. After another five years, the parents divorced, the children remained with their mother, and until his fame came to him, Sergei practically did not see his father.

In early childhood, the boy was engaged in gymnastics in the sports section, but at the age of 9, he was tired of it, so he switched to music and theater. For two years, Serezha and his brother were participants in the Vladimir Loktev children's song and dance ensemble. At the same time, he engaged in acting in the studio at the Boris Pokrovsky Theater, on which he performed.

At the age of 12, Sergey Lazarev moved to the famous children's ensemble "Fidgets," thanks to which he participated in many music festivals and television shows. Sergei graduated from primary school at 389th Moscow school and then studied at secondary school No. 1061, whose director subsequently created a museum dedicated to the famous student. Lazarev was a very active student, class leader, and captain of the KVN team. 

After receiving a certificate of maturity, the young man entered the Moscow Art Theater School, where he studied in the workshop of 

Roman Efimovich Kozak. As a 2nd year student, Sergei becomes a member of the troupe of the Pushkin Theater, led by his Mkhatovsky mentor. There he played in the performances of Romeo and Juliet, The Marriage of Figaro, Borrow a Tenor! And Talents and the Dead. Also, on account of the actor, the leading role in the production of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio "A few days from the life of Alyosha Karamazov."

As a theater actor, Lazarev received recognition from professional critics expressed in the Oleg Tabakov Foundation Prizes, The Seagull, and Crystal Turandot.

Personal life

Since 2008, Sergey Lazarev met with the famous Russian TV presenter Leroy Kudryavtseva. The couple broke up at the end of 2012, maintaining friendly relations. Later, the singer spotted with Ukrainian singer Santa Dimopoulos, but he debunked rumors about the romance.

In the fall of 2015, in an interview, a celebrity announced that he had a girlfriend, but did not give a name, emphasizing only that she was not related to show business. In the spring of 2015, an older brother Pavel Lazarev, with whom Sergei was amiable, was killed in a car accident. His daughter Alina, the singer's niece, following the example of the famous and beloved uncle, is engaged in "Fidgets", and he obtains autographs for her girls by colleagues on the stage.

Paparazzi distributed a photo of the artist with his mother and a little boy at the temple. Friends and close circle of the singer confirmed that Lazarev has a child, but he does not advertise his personal life. Nothing know about Nikita's mother. Fans suggested that she might be singer Polina Gagarina. This conclusion made based on its external resemblance to a child and the long-standing friendship of artists, but Lazarev himself indignantly denied such speculation. Another candidate for Nikita's mother was the acquaintance of the singer Anna Belodedova. Some wrote her to surrogate mothers, while others considered her a secret wife. According to rumors, Sergei Lazarev even bought a spacious apartment for her and her child, and on the phone's screen saver, he has a joint photo of Anna and Nikita. Still, there was no reliable confirmation of these facts.

Sergey's secrecy regarding his family status gave rise to speculation about his original orientation. Also, the singer began to notice in the company of business partner Dmitry Kuznetsov, founder of the Sky Jet air holding. In 2016, they vacationed together in the Caribbean. Kuznetsov became the godfather of Nikita. But Lazarev denied these rumors, like many others. The artist said that he does not seek marriage and does not know when he will have a wife. 

Sergey Lazarev Latest News

At the end of April 2019, Sergey Lazarev visited the studio of the Regina Todorenko talk show "Friday with Regina." After the interview, the singer and TV presenter decided to play Vlad Topalov, Regina's husband, and they kissed jokingly on the flight of stairs. The jealous husband unexpectedly "caught" the friend and the spouse. Sidorenko posted a humorous photo collage on Instagram.

In September 2019, the artist released a new album, "I'm Not Afraid," which included eight songs. It conceived as the 1st part of one significant publication. According to Lazarev, he has accumulated a lot of material, which he decided to divide into two records: the first came out more danceable, and the next promises to be soulful and lyrical. The title track of the new "Catch" album, designed in the spirit of a retro-sound, quickly became a hit. Also, the disc includes an experimental rap song "Drunk than cheated" and an English-language bonus for fans - the song Goddess.

In December, Sergei "lit up" in the New Year's edition of the show "Where is the logic?" ". His teammate was Anton Shaun. Together they played against Anna Sedokova and Ida Galich.

At the beginning of 2020, the performer noted a series of concerts, the announcements of which posted on his official website. A month later, Lazarev surprised the audience by unsubscribing from all colleagues and friends on social networks. He explained his deed by saying that he considered the information published for the show to be false, so he was not interested in looking at others in his tape. Also, the singer was pretty annoyed by gossip and spiteful critics, and he decided not to give them too much reason for scandal.