SCARLXRD: Biography and music career

Published At: 04 April 2020 , 06:06 PM


Marius Listrop is known asĀ SCARLXRD. At the age of 16, in an attempt to earn at least 10 euros a week, to help his mother with accounts, he created his YouTube channel, where over 700 thousand subscribers gathered in six months.

Two years passed, but something was missing for Marius, and he was always in search of a new one. Having a great passion for music, he googled "how can I join a music group?", After which he met future members of the Myth City band.

The success that followed him earlier followed him now, and now he was connected with his music. For the next two years, Marius and his band Myth City traveled on tours throughout the UK and beyond. The moment came when Marius began to lose interest in his group, and he decided to leave for a solo career.

After some searching for finding himself and a style of music, SCARLXRD was released. Exactly one year later, Marius blows up the entire English underground scene. Over five albums have been recorded, creativity continues to develop and grow, and the number of its fans is also increasing. With over 1 million auditions on SoundCloud, SCARLXRD has set a goal to make 2018 the most unique year of its career.


Marius was always a versatile person and never sat still. In the early years, he was engaged in dancing, beatboxing, playing various musical instruments.

His main achievement, in addition to his current work, was a Youtube channel on which he posted videos with chat roulette, various meetings with other bloggers, challenges, etc. Also, do not forget that in 2014, due to lost interest, Marius decided to abandon Youtube -channel with almost a million subscribers for the sake of his musical career and does not regret it. Many are still awaiting his return to Youtube.