SAINT JHN: Biography and music career

Published At: 19 February 2020 , 06:35 PM

SAINT JHN: This young man became famous thanks to modern Internet technologies, several songs and unlimited faith in himself and his success.

Before popularity

Carlos childhood was hungry and poor. His father was engaged in retail trade and sold everything in a row, but the family could not get along well. At one point, her mother was tired of such a life, so she took her two sons and moved to the States, to Brooklyn. There she got a job as a nurse. Just a few weeks later, she realized that her sons had not yet graduated from school, so the boys were sent back to Guyana.

As a teenager, Carlos was fond of Latin American music, and then he got into the hands of tapes with songs in rap style. His older brother also found himself in this musical direction and even tried to compose his songs, which delighted his friends.

At age 15, Carlos moved to Brooklyn again with the firm intention of becoming a musician.


One of the music companies decided to take the young guy under their wing, paying him a generous advance.

His first album was called “Collection One” and captured all the famous music venues in 2018 Kar. Listeners noted that the performer makes music quite qualitatively, that it is easy and pleasant to listen to.

At the moment, the singer is developing a further concept of his work. He faced with the question of what tradition he will adhere to - to create a unique music product or to follow now fashionable trends.

Personal life

This side of Carlos’s life is closed to the whole world since the benchmark believes that the personal should not be public.

Interesting Facts

Carlos borrowed some lines of his songs from his older brother.

The rapper spends a lot of time in the gym, as he wants to keep his body in good shape.

Carlos loves fashion and often takes part in designer shows.


Thus, a music artist under the pseudonym Saint JHN was able to maximize himself and gain popularity in the modern American rep scene. It is possible in the future he will become a leading figure in this direction.