Russian songwriter - Denis Maydanov

Published At: 29 July 2020 , 05:49 PM

Career: actor, composer, producer, poet, singer

Date of Birth: February 17, 1976

Age: 44 years

Place of Birth: Balakovo, Russia

Growth: 179

Family status: married


Denis Maidanov is a music performer, composer, and producer, whose solo career started with the hit "Eternal Love." He was repeatedly awarded the Golden Gramophone awards, Song of the Year, Chanson of the Year.

Childhood and youth

Denis Maidanov was born in a provincial industrial town near Saratov. His parents worked at the enterprises of the city of Balakovo. The boy began to write poetry, starting from the 2nd grade. He attended children's art circles and a music school. Denis studied well, but often due to stubbornness and maximalism, he entered into disputes with teachers, not trying to give in. At the age of thirteen, the boy attempted to create the first songs. He performed them himself in amateur concerts.

Since the family needed money, after the 9th grade, Denis entered the Balakovo Polytechnic College to get a profession and start helping his mother faster. It was difficult for him to study technical specialties. Still, Denis participated in the educational institution's social life, thereby ensuring the loyal attitude of the teaching staff to his person. During this period, he creates a youthful musical group for which he writes songs and participates in the performances of the technical school's KVN team.

After graduation, Denis remained in his hometown for some time: he became a leader and methodologist for working with high school students in the local recreation center. The creative principle prevailed in the artist, and he enters the Moscow Institute of Culture in the correspondence department, which he graduates with a degree in show program director.

Returning to Balakovo for some time, he immediately gets a promising place in the department of culture, without ceasing to write songs for his project "NV." But after a while, he nevertheless decided to move to the capital, starting everything from scratch. His dream came true in 2001.


At first, Maidanov was interrupted by odd jobs, living in an apartment with a former classmate. Every day, the young composer went around music studios and production centers, offering his hits for work. And luck smiled at the persistent musician: producer Yuri Aizenshpis noticed him and took his song to work.

So the first hit of Maidanov "Behind the Fog" was released, performed by the then-popular singer Sasha. She won the first prize at "Song of the Year 2002" for completing this piece of music.

From that moment on, Denis Maidanov became a famous composer among Russian pop singers. Each of his songs becomes a hit; pop artists consider it an honor to collaborate with Maidanov. These pop stars are Nikolai Baskov, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Lolita, Alexander Marshal, Marina Khlebnikova, Joseph Kobzon, Tatiana Bulanova. The composer also collaborates with the musical groups Strelki, White Eagle, and Murzilki International.

Also, Denis Maidanov became the author of soundtracks for several TV series: "Evlampiya Romanova. The investigation is being conducted by an amateur, "Autonomika," "Zone," "Revenge," "Bros" In the last film, he even played the role of the musician Nikolai Sibirskiy. He also tried his acting skills in the movie "Aleksandrovsky Sad-2", "Bear's Corner." Successful projects in which the music of the composer is played are the films "Vorotili," "Investigator Protasov," "City of Special Purpose."

In the 2015 series "The Light and Shadow of the Lighthouse," which was shown on the NTV channel, the soundtrack "Acapella of the Soul," written by Maidanov, was performed by Philip Kirkorov.

Also, the singer from that time began his collaboration with the children's choir "Giant," with which he recorded several musical compositions, "We are small stars," "Why." Denis Maidanov is also a successful solo performer. His discography includes five albums. He began his artistic career in 2008 with the filing of his wife. And immediately the first collection, "I will know that you love me ..." hit the top of the music ratings. The best songs on the disc were "Eternal Love," "Time is a Drug," "Orange Sun."

The singer's first tour of the cities of Russia began. The compositions "It's not a pity," "Bullet," "House," which formed the backbone of the second album "The Rented World," also became popular among the artist's fans. The author uses pop-rock and bard-rock as a genre of songs. Traits of Russian chanson are not alien to many musical compositions. Another single of the year was the song "Crossroads of Souls" by the composer and Belarusian singer Angelica Agurbash. And Denis performed the piece "Territory of the Heart" in a duet with Lolita at "Song of the Year 2016".

In April, the State Kremlin Palace hosted a grand concert "Half a Life on the Road" in honor of the anniversary of Denis Maidanov's creative activity, 15 years from the date of the beginning of his musical career. Oleg Gazmanov, Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Marshal, Nikolay Baskov, Turetsky Choir, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Alexander Buinov, Tatiana Bulanova arrived to congratulate the hero of the day. The concert took place with a full house, an article about him got on the pages of the musician's official website.

Personal life

The artist lived alone for a long time, as he spent all his efforts and resources on promoting his work. He left his personal life and the creation of a family "for later." But once the case brought him to a girl who later became his wife and friend. Natalya and her family moved from Tashkent, where the persecution of Russians began. Working in a construction company, she tried herself in creativity: she wrote poetry. A friend recommended that she show her talented lyrics to some producer. The girl turned to Denis's production center, and after a while, he invited her for an interview.