Russ Thinks Rap Fans Disrespect The Legacies Of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, & DMX

Published At: 05 December 2019 , 09:10 AM

"Nicki was the greatest female rapper for an entire fucking decade straight. You all can't even last fucking summertime."

Russ often talks about aiming for survival in the music industry, but he is also concerned that even some of the greats are not provided with their due when they pass peak popularity. Through a recent appearance on The Rap Radar podcast, Russ talked about four artists that he believes disrespected despite their achievements in the industry: Lil Wayne, DMX, T-Pain, and Nicki Minaj.

"I see it, and it's crazy to me. You stare at how the world is doing T-Pain while he put up that stuff about his tour," he said, referencing the Florida artists canceled US tour. "Lil Wayne and Nicki and DMX. I thought it's insane, the disrespect and the dismissiveness that people have. We all understand that if DMX, Nicki, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain passed away now, it would fuck the world up. Why can't you have that level of honor while they're here?"

He singled out Nicki in particular as an artist that he believes doesn't get the proper respect for her career successes.

"I know you might not like certain things they're saying, but you can't just drop a whole career," he said. "You can't refuse the fact that Nicki was the greatest female rapper for a full fucking decade straight. You all can't even last fucking summertime. This girl was the biggest, most successful female rapper for ten years. You know how hard that is? Motherfuckers strive to last two months."

Nicki herself has shown disappointment with her status in the music industry, particularly about the release of her 2018 album, Queen. In a controversial interview on The Joe Budden Podcast earlier this year, she asked the ex rapper out for "spreading lies" about her and attempting to tear her down following her beef with the ascendant Cardi B.

"I still had to go within these things because of people like you who got a sport of ripping down a young black woman who has done zero but come in this game with an actual come-up, writing raps and doing what's important," she said. And then to have people who I believe are intelligent enough to see that do nothing but tear me down. I would not join in that. But in fact, it was the contrary. Those people appeared together to try to end me."

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