Roddy Ricch is a rising music star of USA

Published At: 02 February 2020 , 11:23 AM

Tragically dead, Nipsey Hussle managed to record before his death with the rising star of "singing rap" - Roddy Ricch (Roddy Rich).

This young guy, who collected millions of auditions and views on the track "Die Young" (the song was written on the day of the death of XXXTentaction and dedicated to all the dead young stars), attracted a lot of attention from the audience and the industry.

Although he was not familiar with X, as he tells, he felt a significant influence of the artist on himself. On the day of his death, he did not leave the feeling that he should pay tribute to his legends (X, Speaker Knockerz, Lil Snoop), who died young.

After a breakthrough track, Roddy became very popular. Although before that, they had heard about him only in his native Compton, where he loved by the public and gave concerts in schools in the Lawndale and Crenshaw districts.

You can even say that this single has become a new starting point for the birth of a musical star. Well, and we try to tell in more detail about what we know about the artist.

At the beginning of 2019, this fast-growing artist managed to work with many well-known artists, from the Nipsey mentioned above, Hussle, Marshmello, and ending with a remix with Post Malone himself! Where he shared the track not only with the popular Posty but also with the equally eminent Tyga!

So who is this kid, and where did he come from?

Real name Roddy Ricch - Rodrick Moore (Rodrick Moore), he is considered a native of Compton, California, but spent most of his childhood in other states, from Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia.

Many of his relatives live in different cities of the country, and he often had to wander from one city to another. Therefore, you can notice in his music the difference in musical style from other classic Compton natives: Kendrick Lamar, YG, and The Game.

He feels the southern melody and influence of the east in the person of Speaker Knockerz, Future, Young Thug, who influenced him more than his countrymen, whom he had heard about, but did not know them personally.

He is a valid resident of the "ghetto," and many of his current interviews have taken in his own "block." You can see one of them below, a guy ready for a breakthrough in superstars is still talking about his life in the area:

We mentioned Nipsey Hussle, but in fact, the one who discovered this guy before everyone else was Meek Mill, who, through his cousin, Omelly, met Roddy Ricch in a studio in Atlanta.

Since then, Meek Mill has become a kind of older brother and friend to Roddy, which he warmly talks about in an interview above. Meek Mill paid tribute to Roddy Rich in October 2018 and signed it for "Dream Chaser Records" for two million dollars. His second mixtape recorded with Meek Mill.

Below, you can see the presentation of the "Dream Chaser" chain:

Meek Mill, by the way, advised Roddy to leave the ghetto. I think this is good advice because of the incident with Nipsey Hussle, who killed in the ghetto. But Roddy has a large number of relatives living in the ghetto, and all of them are members of the Crips.

Yes, and Roddy himself was a member of the gang in his youth, and how he could survive on the streets of Compton when he kicked out of the house, and he had to get even deeper bogged down in bandit affairs.

He speaks about this very lyrically in the composition below, which tells about his suffering in poverty and the success that he has now achieved:

This melody is captivating.

The lyrics are full of suffering and experience that does not leave indifferent. 

This makes him related to another equally talented performer YNW Melly, who is also trying to create personal and sensual compositions.

Roddy Rich during the Made In America festival on September 1, 2018, Philadelphia.

He began to write rap at the age of nine, but seriously engaged in this at the age of 15-16, when he was on the street and realized how much a pound of dashing.

He had to be in serious trouble and have severe problems with the law.

As he mentioned, many of his acquaintances were killed or went to jail; nothing good is awaiting young people in the streets in the future.

Therefore, with serious intentions, he took up creativity and recorded projects all day long before success came to him.

Breakthrough "Die Young," he wrote as well as many other songs, without any expectation. But when the numbers suddenly broke through the heavens, he was shocked and pleased.

Now he needs to develop success, and I think that there will be more articles about him in RuNet. Since I have not seen one yet, this is probably the first post about him.