Roddy Ricch: Biography and career

Published At: 02 February 2020 , 11:04 AM

Roddy Rich is an American rapper who successfully combines the musical trends of East and West in his work.

early years

Roddy has been fond of music since childhood. He first tried to make rap when he was eight years old.

Until youth, he did not take music seriously, thinking it a childhood hobby that passes over time. His beliefs on creativity changed when he went to jail for two weeks.

At school, the future benchmark studied rather poorly, always in conflict with teachers and the director.

At 16, he realized that he wanted to become a musician, so he bought basic music equipment home and began recording songs. In them, he told the story of his life.

Several times he has performed on stage with the song "Rich Nigga," which was written by him in puberty. But then he became more interested in street life and left the work for a while. He returned to writing songs only in 2017.


In 2017, the musician released his debut album, entitled "Feed Tha Streets." The public highly praised this work. After the release of his another album, he invited to collaborate with the London on da Track music label. Clips shot for his songs, which later collected a large number of views on the YouTube site.

Many rappers offered Roddy cooperation, but more often than not, he refused. He explains this by the fact that he does not feel creative unity with them.

The rapper admits that shortly, he would like to begin his line of clothes and shoes.


The grandmother with whom they attended church together had a significant impact on the artist's work. The rapper builds upon the music of musicians such as Future, Meek Mill, and Speaker Knockerz.

In his free time, the rapper loves to play basketball. In school, he was seriously involved in this sport but preferred music because of his short stature.

Personal life

Roddy does not give details about his own life. At the moment, he is officially single.


Thus, this talented American was able to develop his creative concept and become famous not only at home but also abroad.