Review: Glory - “The cry of the soul”

Published At: 08 January 2020 , 12:32 PM

There are 19 songs in the album, and the first thought, of course - why so many? With all due respect to the work of the singer, it is difficult to assume that all the works of the record are such a masterpiece that no hand raised to throw out a single one. But even if, in accordance with the traditions of pop music, the album, along with hits, is equipped with a background "filler," then this is also a bust - what is the point of inflating timing due to soft songs? However, in the case of the "Cry of the Soul" of Glory, it turned out even more risky. The fact is that the style of the singer does not mean at all discreet and especially "background" songs: the vociferous Slava is everywhere extremely emotional, and this makes a great impression on the listener. The only problem is that this impression is not always positive: the pendulum of perception swings with a large amplitude from "well, cool" to "Lord, how much can you sing this naphthalene." The manner of singing dictates the selection of the repertoire, in which prevailing are pathos and pop "passionate" songs. The assumption that the listeners do not believe in Slava singing about the large female share, because the singer has "all the rules" in her personal life, turned out to be untenable. They believe, and how. They trust some works, but categorically not to others, and this practice does not depend on the voice, external data and the marital status of the artist; it depends only on the songs themselves. On the album "Cry of the Soul," the same Glory managed to place several powerful hits and several compositions that would have seemed outdated in the 80s. Funny, but stylistically these opposing songs do not differ much from each other. Be that as it may, from a reduction of one and a half,

I would venture to suggest my option. This "Greatest Hits of "Cry of the Soul" would include the energetic and passionate song "Red (I can forget you)," a beautiful and melodic duet with Emin "We Are Alone Now" and "I'm Tired of Being Strong." After some thought and comparative analysis, Your Kiss, Poor Visibility, My Boy and Once Upon a Time would be included in the record. The text of the "Bride" looks a bit archaic, but generally touching, so let it be. The song "Schizophrenia" is trying to become a continuation of "Loneliness," even lexical and melodic intersections are, not to mention emotional ones - the attempt counted, we take. What I would refuse without hesitation on the tracklist is because of duets with chanson performers who seemed to be mistaken in the album and rapper Zomb - the youth bravado of Slava did not turn out to be convincing.