Read All The Lyrics To Camila Cabello’s New Album ‘Romance’

Published At: 06 December 2019 , 09:49 AM

The “Señorita” singer worked with Shawn Mendes and DaBaby.

Camila Cabello comes back with her sophomore album, Romance. The LP covers six previously published singles: “Shameless,” “Señorita,” Easy,” “Liar,” “Cry for Me,” and “Living Proof.” This is her first full-length since last year’s self-titled album.

The ex Fifth Harmony member listed Shawn Mendes and DaBaby as features. Her producers include Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, Louis Bell, watt, Westen Weiss, Carter Lang, and Frank Dunes.

Cabello earlier posted about how Romance focuses on the experience of falling in love. “I just needed this album to sound like what falling in love seems like, pretty incredible thing to do, but I can say I delivered it all I had,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ve nevermore lived as much life as I did writing this album. It was messy and unforgettable, beautiful, and at times so painful I hope I could forget, it was excruciatingly draining and difficult not to get lost in.”