RASA Group: Biography and music career

Published At: 24 February 2020 , 02:27 PM


The Russian group RASA is a musical duet of spouses, performing songs in the hip-hop genre. They managed to rise to the top of the ratings in record lines, and it seems that they are not going to stop there, but plan to continue to conquer the Russian scene.

History of creation and composition

The story of the creation of the RASA group began in February 2018. It consists of two people. Viktor Popleev was born in the winter of 1994 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where his childhood passed. After school, he entered a technical college, and then served in the army. His passion for music began in 2008. In 2016, he moved from his native city to Moscow, and already there he created a blog on YouTube called "The Province in the Capital". Soon, due to a lack of free time, he quit this lesson.

Daria Sheiko (Daria Sheik) was born in the Donetsk region in the winter of 1993, she studied well at school, but sometimes her parents were called for behavior. When she arrived in Moscow, it is unknown, but YouTube viewers first saw the girl on Victor's channel (she led a column on beauty) even before the start of their joint musical career.

The acquaintance of young people took place in the capital, over time, close communication led them to marriage and the creation of a creative tandem, which loudly declared itself in February 2018. Dasha, like Victor, took the place of a soloist in the group.


Joining together in a duet, RASA signs a contract with a recording studio and starts working. And soon the release of their debut song "Under the Lantern" and the video shot on it took place. The video immediately gains a massive number of views, so in just one day, the newly formed team becomes famous. The video for the track shot in Barcelona, ​​and the composition itself, which has a simple text, but a cheerful and groovy rhythm, fell into all Russian charts and stayed there for more than one day. In 2019, the team even nominated for the RU.TV award in the Power Start category. And although they did not take the prize, it was an excellent start for the career for the couple.

On this, the artists did not stop and presented to the fans other compositions, among which were "Policeman", "Young", "Ill", "Chemistry" and "Elixir". The first big performance awaited the team in May of that year, and it was the annual Mayevka Live youth festival. And at the end of the year, the single "Let's stir up" was released.

The composition of the RASA group: Viktor Popleev and Daria Sheiko

Despite constant employment, RASA is not only engaged in its development. In 2018, the duo founded the RASAMUSIC recording studio, where other young artists help to become famous and get on television and radio. Victor also involved his brother Alexander, who is engaged in sound recording and mixing tracks.

Meanwhile, the artists did not forget about themselves. At the end of March 2019, they presented the track Power Bank. They also noted cooperation with other singers, in February they recorded the song "Apple Syrup" with DJ Loyza, in April - "Violet" with Kavabanga and Depo & Kolibri, and in early June - "Supermodel "with VSEGDA17.

RASA now

If at the very beginning of his career RASA performed only at small concert venues, now their solo performances are gaining an increasing number of listeners. The team did not cease to delight fans with new songs, presenting in July 2019 the solo song "The Beekeeper." She literally "blew up" the Internet, becoming viral, and brought the duo even more popularity. Also, the musicians shot a video for her, and Maxim Murochkin became its director.

Despite a large number of hit songs, there are no albums in the discography of the group yet. However, fans hope that RASA will soon delight their debut album. The team has a page on Instagram, more precisely, the profile maintained on behalf of Victor, but most of the photos are common pictures of the couple. The Plepleevs is captured on stage or while working together in the studio. Musicians also share information with subscribers about upcoming events and concerts.