Rapper FEDUK - biography, news

Published At: 15 July 2020 , 11:55 AM

Name: Rapper FEDUK (Feduk) 

Real name: Fedor Insarov 

Birthday: February 9, 1992 (28 years old) 

Place of birth: Moscow 

Height: 180 cm 

Weight: 73 kg 

Zodiac sign: Aquarius ( characteristic ) 

East horoscope: Monkey 

Career: Russian musicians 538 place.


Feduk (Feduk, real name Fedor Insarov) is a Moscow rap artist who made a loud statement about himself after the release of the movie "Okolofutbola", for which he wrote a soundtrack. Member of Versus Battle, author of the hit "Rose Wine".


As a child, Fedor had to travel pretty much. The boy was born on February 9, 1992, in Moscow, and at five years old, he moved with his parents to China. The family lived in the Celestial Empire for three years, after which it returned to Moscow again. There, Fedya went to a music school, where he mastered playing the trumpet, balalaika and clarinet. But this did not end his nomadic life. In 2004, the family moved again, this time to Hungary. Fedya lived in Budapest for four years and recalls these years with great warmth. It was there that he "got sick" with rap thanks to his friend Rodion Meshkov (Rodnique). He knew English well, was fond of Eminem's work and translated the contents of his songs to Fedor. Over time, the guys began to write tests themselves and read them at home with a guitar. 


Returning to Moscow, Fedor took the pseudonym FEDUK (as his friends called him) and with his brother Kirill gathered his first team, "Dobro za Rap," which included six more of their friends. In 2010, the guys recorded the first album "Moscow 2010", dedicated to thoughts on the meaning of life, "boy" friendship and love of football. It turned out to be a good collection in the underground style, which positively received in the metropolitan rap hangout. In 2012, Fyodor asked to record the soundtrack for the film "Okolofutbola" by Anton Bormatov about the secret life of football fans from the townsfolk. The rapper himself is a devoted fan of Spartak, so writing a suitable track for him was not difficult. Also, the musician was involved in several mass scenes and received invaluable acting experience, which was useful to him in the future in work on video clips. After the film was released, Fedor immediately recorded in football hooligans, but his subsequent work quickly destroyed this stereotype. From 2013 to 2014, he released three albums at once, met fellow rappers: Raskolnikov, Pasha Technician and Kalmar, with whom he organized several concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In the same year, he took part in Versus Battle, where he won a landslide victory over St. Petersburg rapper Yung Trappa. In 2016, together with representatives of the Moscow rap party ( Kravts, Bang Ro, Leah), Feduk recorded the album "Free", which made listeners take a fresh look at his work. FEDUK partially moved away from the underground and turned to freestyle, which further expanded the circle of his fans.

In the summer of 2017, Feduk presented the audience with the F&Q album, called by critics "the most striking episode in the artist's music career." With the recording of the album, the rapper helped by the Qoss beatmaker, so the new release of Feduk was very different from the previous ones musically. The album included nine tracks, including the acclaimed "Bassline bitches". In September, he pleased fans with the original work "Force and Post" (as part of a project from Open Flow) - the lyrics were composed of comments from YouTube.

The peak of the young artist's popularity was the track "Pink Wine", recorded in collaboration with Novosibirsk rapper Eldzhey. It became a real musical event of 2017, took pride of Place in the top ten Russian iTunes and collected a vast number of views on YouTube. 


July 27, 2009, Fedor met model Daria Panfilova, who became the lady of the heart and muse of the brutal rapper. Every year they celebrate the date of their acquaintance in a romantic setting.


FEDUK is currently working on a new album, which scheduled for release in the spring of 2018. In February, he presented the audience with a new video for the song "Sailor", his debut solo single. Many were outraged by the fact that the singer consistently demonstrates a mobile application in the course of action, which, apparently, also sponsored the shooting of the video.