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Published At: 25 July 2020 , 06:49 PM

Name: RapperAljay (Allj) 

Real name: Alexey Uzenyuk 

Middle name: Konstantinovich 

Birthday: July 9, 1994 (26 years old) 

Place of birth: Novosibirsk 

Height: 176 cm Weight: 74 kg 

Zodiac sign: Cancer ( characteristic ) 

Eastern horoscope: Dog Career: Russian musicians.


Aljay (Allj) is a Russian hip-hop performer, whose popularity was brought by the duet with the Rapper Feduk "Rose Wine", the songs "Ripped Jeans", "Minimal" and others.


Aljey (real name - Alexey Konstantinovich Uzenyuk) was born on July 9, 1994 in Novosibirsk. Alexey has a younger brother Danil.


In 2009, Alexey acquired the necessary musical equipment and began recording tracks in the style of "evil lyrics", as his fans later dubbed him. After the guy posted the third track on the network, they paid attention to him.

After graduating from school, Alexey entered a medical school, but part-time and full-time studies did not allow the guy to play music - in the end, the choice made for the latter. In 2013, Aljay, together with rapper Mal, released his debut album "Gundezh" with 11 tracks. The very next year, fans were able to appreciate the artist's second album, titled "Bosko Smoke", in the recording of which rappers Chet, Tetris, Mont Blanc, and Dom1no took part. In January 2015, Alexey released his third album, "Cannon," with eight tracks. By this time, Aljay already had many fans, which allowed the musician to organize concerts in different cities of Russia. In early February of the following year, the world saw a new album by the artist "Catacombs", in the recording of which Mont Blant participated, as well as the duet MiyaGi and Endgame (their joint song "Music" gained particular popularity). In the summer of 2016, the musician moved to Moscow. According to the artist, there was no studio and people in Novosibirsk who could work well. Alexey came to the capital with his last money and checked into a hostel to record an album. "There was no money for a return ticket," the singer recalled. In the capital, at the backstage of Max Korzh's concert, Aljay met his future manager. In the fall of 2016, the artist released the track "Disconnect" together with the singer Kravets, and then the next album "Sayonara Boy", which was received with great interest by the audience.

At this time, Aljay changed his image - the new style of the singer became closer to the style of the South African Zeph group "Die Antwoord". White-eyes have become a distinctive feature of the musician - the guy achieves this effect using special lenses, which Alexei sometimes does not remove even in ordinary life. In 2017, the Rapper released the album Sayonara Boy ろ and the video for the track Ripped Jeans, which became another hit in the musician's piggy bank. In August of the same year, Aljay published the undisputed hit "Rose Wine", recorded with the singer Feduk, which instantly appeared at the top of the Russian music charts. The song won the VK Music Awards, becoming the most listened to on the social network: it viewed more than 200 million times a year.

In December 2017, in the talk show "Evening Urgant," a parody of the song "Rose Wine" presented, in which the host Ivan Urgant, comedian Alexander Gudkov, journalist Yuri Dud, singer Igor Nikolaev and the Rapper Feduk himself took part. Blogger Yuri Khovansky also created a parody for this track with the participation of Dmitry Malikov. At the end of the year, Uzenyuk appeared in the issue of Amiran Sardarov's YouTube show "Khach's Diary", in which he spoke about the opening of his label time included the "Black Kino" group. The singer also became the face of the Yves Saint Laurent perfume series "La Nuit De L'homme Intense". 


In 2018, it became known that Alexey was dating a girl named Anastasia Drozdova. Not much known about the singer's chosen one, except that she has known Elj for a long time (she once lived in Novosibirsk and, according to rumors, the romance of young people began already then) and is his age.

However, in June, it became clear that Aljay had romantic feelings for the host of "Eagle and Tails" Nastya Ivleeva. She starred in his video for the song "360".

In September 2019, the couple got married, Nastya took the surname Uzenyuk. 


In February 2018, Aljay became a musical guest in the program "Evening Urgant". In the same month, the artist's new track "Suzuki" and the video for the single "Hey, Guys" were released, directed by Aisultan Seitov, a graduate of the New York Film Academy.

n March 2018, in an interview, Aljay admitted that he plans to take a break in his career for several months after the end of his all-Russian tour.