Rakhim Abramov - biography, personal life

Published At: 26 July 2020 , 05:38 PM

Career: Singer, blogger

Date of Birth: March 15, 1998

Age: 22

Growth: 172

Family status: not married


Rakhim Abramov first attracted the attention of netizens in 2018 and has regularly fueled interest in his person. He became famous as an Instagram blogger but managed to prove that he has talents in other areas of creativity.

Childhood and youth

Russian blogger Rakhim Abramov was born on March 15. Little known about his early period of biography, parents, and nationality. The boy grew up with two brothers and was a quiet, modest child who did not stand out.

During his school years, the sport appeared in Rakhim's life, which allowed him to get stronger physically and spiritually. The young man was mainly involved in team games - football, volleyball, and basketball, and this made him more decisive in communicating with other people. Therefore, when the time came to choose the path of life, the guy was not afraid to go to Moscow to become a student at the Russian New University. He began to study the specialty of a programmer but soon realized that this was not something he would like to connect his life with.

Abramov was much more interested in creativity while still at school; he inspired by the lessons of fine arts and listened with interest to the stories of a history teacher. This helped the guy develop his imagination and start writing scripts for his humorous videos, which he posted on the Web.

Personal life

The celebrity prefers not to disclose information about his personal life and does not talk about it in interviews. For a long time, he credited with an affair with another famous blogger Madina Basaeva ( Dina Saeva ). The couple regularly fueled public interest by posting cute photos and videos of kissing.

And in the summer of 2019, they even provoked rumors about the wedding when they published a picture in which the girl is wearing a wedding dress, and the guy is in a formal suit. But later, it became clear that the bloggers did not get married, but decided to arrange a provocative photo session.

Even after such a deception, the subscribers did not lose interest in the couple, but, on the contrary, perked up, even more, bombarding idols with comments that they would like to see them as husband and wife. Soon, the Network stirred up a new rumor that Rahim and Madina had broken up, although there was no official confirmation of their relationship.


The first attempts to gain popularity on the Web were unsuccessful for Abramov. He registered a YouTube channel, where he posted videos that did not learn many views but found a positive response in the hearts of his first loyal fans.

Then the guy decided to change the platform for a start and went to Instagram, for which he began to create short funny videos on topical topics - vines. He became one of the first representatives of this trend in Russia, so it is not surprising that the page's audience soon increased.

Users were attracted not only by the author's humor but also by the atmosphere of the videos themselves, which seemed to them kind and family. Most often, Rakhim appeared in the role of an older brother, going through funny situations with his younger sister. The girl was played in turn by Ulyana Medvedyuk and Liza Anokhina, making it believable that the fans believed in the blood relationship. But later, the guy explained that they have friendly relations.

But his grandmother and mother repeatedly appeared in the blogger's video, coping with acting tasks no worse than professionals. Other invited artists were Renata Valliulina and Madina Basayeva, who played the roles of Abramov's girls, making it possible to expand the topic to videos about relationships.

Thanks to this, in 2 years, the guy managed to become famous on the Web and enter the top of popular Russian Instagram bloggers. But Rakhim did not stop there and registered a profile at Tik-Tok, where he also soon gained fame.

Rakhim Abramov now

In 2020, Abramov decided to expand the boundaries of creativity and took up music. In March, he presented his debut track "The Girl is Naive" to the fans, for which he soon shot a lyric video. And just a month later, Rakhim released the compositions "Twitter" and "Who told you?", Which were enthusiastically received by his devoted fans?

Now the blogger continues to delight the audience with his creativity. He maintains pages on VKontakte and Instagram, where he shares photos and reports on the news.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2018, Abramov became the hero of the release of the Hearts for Love show, in which the guys chose the girls.
  • The cover for the song "Who told you?" the artist created it himself, in confirmation of this he published a video about the process of working in his group on VKontakte.
  • Rakhim is involved in charity work, regularly holds theKind Heart" campaign within the framework of which he arranges meetings with fans in different cities of Russia and gives them money, food, or gifts. In 2018, during a trip to Surgut, the event got out of control: teenagers stormed over the freerolls. As a result, the blogger was detained on charges of an unsanctioned rally but was soon released.
  • A sports past helps the guy stay in shape; he weighs about 60 kg with a height of 172 cm.