Pugacheva, guitars, unreleased romance and other facts about Vladimir Kuzmin

Published At: 02 June 2020 , 04:47 AM

May 31, 2020, Vladimir Kuzmin celebrated his jubilee birthday - People's Artist of Russia and old-school rock musician turned 65 years old. Songs were written by him back in the 80–90s remain popular with people of different ages and views until now, and the artist himself does not want to stop, continuing to create and try new directions. About exciting facts from the stage biography and personal life of the star, see article 24 of the media.

About songs and guitars

Vladimir Kuzmin gathered the first musical group in the 6th grade - the guys performed at school evenings and performed reworked compositions of different groups. Played and songs written by Kuzmin himself - he wrote his first at the age of 6. And he mastered the guitar at all at the age of 5.

To the guitars of a musician who owns many instruments, including piano, violin, flute, saxophone, and separate passion. There are at least 140 pieces in the artist's collection. Moreover, he acquired the majority solely by the will of an emotional impulse, and not because of necessity.

The only exception is the lightweight guitar bought by Vladimir a couple of years ago. With a weight of 2.5 kg, the instrument loads the spineless, and the musician suffers less from back pain that began to appear with age.

About the Soviet stage

All-Union fame came to Vladimir after cooperation with Alla Pugacheva - the young artist was a soloist accompanying the star of the group "Recital". As part of the team, he became the winner of "Song of the Year" in 1986, then for two years, he performed in the Soviet Union and abroad: in San Remo, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries.

In the wake of such success, Vladimir Kuzmin's songs sounded from everywhere. But the artist himself, after such an "immersion," hated the stage even more - "star passions" did not appeal to him.

About wives and children

Kuzmin officially married three times. The first choice of the musician was Tatyana Artemyeva - the poetess even wrote lyrics for the artist's songs. Their marriage lasted from the year 77 to the 85th. The second wife was a U.S. model Kelly Curzon, with whom Vladimir played a wedding in 1990. With the last wife, Ekaterina Trofimova, the artist lived together for 17 years - from 2001 to 2018.

By the age of 65, Vladimir became a father five times. In their first marriage, Elizabeth (killed in 2002) and Stepan (died in 2009 due to a fire) were born. The third daughter from Tatyana Artemyeva, a participant in the Star Factory, Sonya, develops her own business and sometimes performs with her father.

Out of wedlock, Kuzmin had two more daughters - Marta and Nicole. The musician also has an adopted son, Nikita, who, in 2013, became a defendant in a significant criminal case in the United States.

About youth and finance

According to the artist, in his youth, playing in the group "Speaker ", the musicians did not see the money. Vladimir Kuzmin recalls that he did not even have the opportunity to pay for his guitar at that time. The reason is that there were a lot of dubious personalities revolving around the team, seeking to capitalize on its success. So finances passed by the guys for whom the ability to create was more critical.

About initiations and symbolism

The song "Tale in My Life" the singer addressed his wife, Catherine. He says that he devoted nothing more to anyone. Although there were rumors that "I will never forget you" was written for Lena Lenina, according to the musician, he invented the song back in 1992. The composition became a kind of symbol - when, after translating into Spanish, it came out in Mexico, even there they understood what Siberian frosts were.

About theft

In September 2018, Kuzmin's house in the suburbs robbed - they opened a safe and took out at least 10 million rubles in cash. Due to the incident, the artist forced to urgently return to his homeland, interrupting a trip to the United States.

About literature

At the age of 19, Vladimir Kuzmin wrote the novel "Good, but Blind" that never came out. A semi-fantastic action movie about the everyday life of pure Soviet hippies - peers of the author took three books in A4 format.