Pouya: Biography and music career

Published At: 16 April 2020 , 01:00 PM


Pouya is a rapper with Iranian-Cuban roots broadcasting from South Florida. He began to record music to be successful with girls. Apparently, he was disappointed in himself too early, because the first records came out of school, as long as he was inspired by Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugz-n-Harmony.

Now, Pouya, an accomplished artist who has recorded more than a dozen tracks filled with sound irony, thoughts of death and endless lines about whores, this simple mixture actually gives the desired effect, coupled with production, which can be removed from the hands of top producers like Getter, Cian P, and Mikey The Magician.


The artist is often mistaken for a former Raider Klan party member;

The guy received his first wave of fame in 2013 when he began performing with rapper Robb Bank $.

After receiving a secondary education, Puya got a job as an assistant waiter.

For several years now, she has been in a serious relationship with the Instagram model Young Coco.

Florida thang

Pouya, who has been silent for quite some time, has released a solo track, Florida Thang. This is a minimalistic track, which most likely will not fall on any of the upcoming releases of the artist.

The artist is currently working on a joint release with Ghostemane.

Stick out

Pouya and Ghostmane are big stars in online music culture. And it so happened that between the musical style of the artists formed very bright chemistry. At Stick Out, they combine aggressive and speedy recitative, but for the most part, Pouya takes all the attention.

Soon, artists should release a joint mixtape, where this track will go.


Today, on the Soundcloud platform, the premiere of Nell’s new work, entitled “Jew,” took place. In addition, a truly stellar cast in the person of Denzel Curry, Pouya and Shakewell took part in the novelty, well, the track was already produced by the familiar Ronny J.

Recall that at the end of April, Nell introduced a new disc, “Year Of The Youth,” on which he worked for more than a year, trying to create a release unusual for him.