Post Malone: Biography and music career

Published At: 22 March 2020 , 04:32 PM


Time after time, he helps discover talents, making yesterday's non-names world celebrities. The same story happened with Post Malone.

The track "White Iverson" made this guy not only famous but also extremely popular - from Kanye to Fifty, all the performers understood that his presence on the track guarantees almost one hundred percent success. In 2016, he released with a short break the mixtape "August 26" and the album "Stoney," which received a "Gold" certification.


When Malon was a teenager, he worked for the Express Chicken regional fast-food chain, accumulated $ 800, and sent them a couple of Versace loafers.

He dropped out of college three months after the start of his studies to study his favorite music.

When asked about his unusual style, the rapper replies that since childhood, he wanted dreadlocks and golden teeth, now his dream has come true.

Malon likes to help young, still unknown rappers and groups. He contributes to popularizing their music and takes part in many projects.

Post Malone dreamed of becoming the number 1 singer in America when he was only ten years old.

Fasting Malon is a patriot of America, in 2013 he uploaded a video where he wears a shirt made from the American flag and sings Bob Dylan's song "Don't Think About It, It's Alright."

The release of the second album is expected on December 1, 2017, and it will be called "Beerbongs and Bentleys."

Fans often create memes based on variations of his name. Internet users quickly realized that it was very easy to change his name: "Post Cologne" - Post Cologne, "Water Malone" - Water Malon, "Coast Malone" - Malon Beach, "Toast Malone" - Toast Malon, "Roast Malone" - Hot Malon. It turns out exciting pictures.

His love of rap began with his father's present, Lean Back, his first CD.

His musical career began in 2014, and his first song was released in 2015, which means that Malon did not have enough time to make a fortune. Nevertheless, in 2017, the total value of his assets amounted to about $ 1 million - this is surprising.

The name of one of the Post Malone hits "White Iverson" is a derivative of the name of ex-NBA star Alan Iverson. He wrote the music and the words of the mega-hit two days before recording at the studio. Malon made a beat with 1st and wrote all the words of the song in his house.

Very little is known about the rapper's personal life. Malon has a girlfriend, and her name is Ashley. The facts of her own life and profession are not published in the press and are unknown. There is one true piece of information - this couple met when Ashley ordered Malon to do a show at a nightclub.

Malon is an introvert and a nerd, in life he is a cultured and well-mannered person, but as soon as he gets on stage, he changes. Through music, sometimes using profanity, it conveys its inner attitude.

Post Malon currently lives in Los Angeles, and his official Instagram page is post.malone3.

Rumor has it that Malon "smells" and does not like to go to the shower. But he claims that although he does not observe crystal purity, he has a neat appearance.

Two films used Post Malone's music: White Iverson in Bachelor Party in Pattaya (2016) and Burning Man in Three X: World Domination (2017).