Oscar 2020 surprises: Billy Elish and Eminem sing legendary hits

Published At: 16 February 2020 , 05:46 PM

Guests of the 92nd award "Oscar" became famous artists. At the ceremony were 47-year-old Eminem ( Eminem) and 18-year-old Billy Aylish ( Billie Eilish).

"Oscar 2020" was remembered not only the winners and spectacular exits of stars but also a surprising musical numbers. Scene Theater "Dolby" in Los Angeles brought together several generations of artists.

The green-haired Billy Elish acted for the guests of the award. Together with her brother Finneas O'Connell, she sang the famous composition Yesterday by The Beatles. The issue saturated with a note of sadness - it dedicated to all the figures of the cinema who left the world in 2019-2020.

A striking actress rose to the stage in loose black trousers, a black shirt, and heavy boots. This was the second outfit of the star: on the red carpet, she appeared in a snow-white Chanel oversize suit, decorated with three large brooches at once. Particular attention drawn to the singer's hands with a long black manicure and many rings.

Another vivid surprise at the Oscars was the performance of rapper Eminem. He led the guests of the ceremony delighted , performing the famous song Lose Yourself. The track sounded in the movie "Eight Milz", have won the "Oscar" in 2003. Eminem himself played a significant role in the film.

The rapper appeared on stage in the middle of the event. Like Ailish, he dressed in all black. There were two accents in the restrained image of the artist: his neck adorned with a massive gold chain, and his head - a stylish cap.