Olga Buzova: biography of the star

Published At: 06 August 2020 , 06:21 PM

Career: TV presenter, singer, actress, writer, designer

Date of Birth: January 20, 1986

Age: 34 years

Place of Birth: Leningrad, USSR

Growth: 176

Family status: divorced


Olga Buzova is an incredibly versatile media personality. The celebrity has successfully proved herself in television, radio, fashion industry, cinema, music, and even in publishing. She is called a girl who made herself - a confident woman. And all the projects that Olga starts are doomed to success.

Childhood and youth

Olga Buzova's biography originates in the city on the Neva. The TV star was born in January 1986, Russian by nationality. Her parents are far from show business: Igor Dmitrievich and Irina Alexandrovna were military personnel.

The girl was developing rapidly: she had acquired reading and writing skills by the age of three. In the same period, Buzova began to study English. Olga's abilities prompted parents to send their children to school at the age of 5. She brilliantly coped with all the difficulties of her studies, brought home A's, and quickly found a common language with her classmates. Already at the age of 13, Olya worked part-time in a children's camp as a counselor, and at 15, she got a job in a modeling agency.

In 2002, the girl graduated from high school with a silver medal. She dreamed of becoming an actress, but strict parents asked her to put this "frivolous profession" out of her head. Soon Olya entered the St. Petersburg State University, where she chose the Faculty of Geoecology and Geography. During these years, she plunged headlong into the world of show business.


On the television project, "Dom-2" Buzova appeared in 2004 as a participant. Here she was engaged in "building her love" for four years. At the same time, the parents insisted that her daughter receive a higher education, and Olya managed to do this with honors.

On a reality show, Buzova began to meet with showman Roman Tretyakov. The charming girl received from the young man the nickname Buzenish and an army of fans. The affair with Tretyakov lasted two years. In 2005, together with Roma, Olga began to host the talk show "Roman s Buzova" on TNT.

After parting with Tretyakov, Olga continued her participation in the reality show. At this time, she had a fleeting romance with Stas Karimov and Alessandro Materazzo. In 2008, Buzova retrained as co-hosts, additionally taking the position of chief editor of the magazine "World of reality show. "House 2"". At that time, the program was hosted by Ksenia Borodina and Ksenia Sobchak.

On this wave, the celebrity became interested in writing and released two books of her own: "It's a hairpin. Tips for a stylish blonde "and" Roman with Buzova ". The pages of the latter were saturated with the beauty's favorite fragrances.

In addition to her literary talent, she discovered in herself a love of music: in 2011, Olga Buzova began to develop actively as a singer. Her songs were included in the collection "Stars of "House-2". Laws of Love ". Her first work was the single "Don't Forget", released in collaboration with the famous rapper T-Killah. A clip was filmed for the hit.

With the growth of popularity, Buzova was regularly invited to various television programs. In 2011, Olga was in the bride's role on the show "Let's Get Married" on Channel One. And in 2012, the girl competed in flexibility and plasticity on the Dancing with the Stars project. On the popular TV shows "Dancing on TNT" and "Comedy Battle," Buzova was repeatedly present as a member of the jury, becoming a kind of "voice of the people."

Personal life

Olga Buzova's personal life has been built publicly for many years, under the gun of television cameras. After the girl changed the status of a participant to a TV presenter, she began to decide what to talk about and what it is better to keep silent about.

In 2011, rumors spread that the beauty had an affair with the Lokomotiv footballer Dmitry Tarasov. The piquancy of the situation was given by the fact that he was married at the time of his acquaintance with Buzova. In marriage, a daughter grew up.

Two months after they met, Dmitry took his beloved to rest in Dubai, where he proposed to her. Buzova agreed. The wedding took place in June 2012. The ceremony was held with relatives and best friends.

For a while, the couple was compared to the Beckham spouses. And they were also called the funny nickname Tarabuziki. However, after four years, the tale came to an end: family life at the end of 2016 ended in a scandalous divorce.

Fans built different versions of the reason for the separation of the spouses: some argued that it was all about the betrayal of a football player, others - in the presence of a marriage contract beneficial for Olga Buzova. And only a few years later, in 2020, in an interview with Alena Zhigalova, host of the "Alena, Damn!" Tarasov admitted that the main reason for the gap was the absence of children in the marriage. According to Dmitry, Olga did not want a child, although she was told the opposite. In the end, this situation destroyed the marriage. At the same time, the footballer stressed that now he does not regret that he and Buzova did not have children.

Olga Buzova now

In the fall of 2019, the show "Plan B" began showing, the main characters of which were Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov. During the screening of the program, the artists had to choose from among the participants and participants applicants for the second half's title for each. They were helped by the humorist Garik Kharlamov and the singer's mother, Irina Buzova. Marina Kravets became the host of the program. In the last issue of the project, the stars decided to refuse all finalists.