Oksana Grigorieva: interesting facts from the life of the singer

Published At: 23 February 2020 , 04:37 PM

American pianist, singer, and songwriter Oksana Grigoryeva celebrates her anniversary. The actress turns 50 years old—exciting facts from her biography and personal life.


Despite the age, figure, and appearance of Oksana Petrovna, even 20-year-olds will envy. Judging by the photo from her Instagram, the star devotes a lot of time to her health, tries to eat properly, and often even prepares PP dishes herself, including from vegetarian cuisine.

"On horseback."

Grigoriev devotes a little free time to horseback riding. This hobby was reflected in one of her videos: a naked woman riding a horse.

Way to success

Oksana Grigoryeva studied piano in London. To provide herself with the opportunity to pay for her studies, she worked as a photo model. Also, Grigorieva, nee Chernukha, taught music and directed the choir in Notting Hill High School, worked as a nurse for an old Englishwoman.


Among the admirers of Oksana Grigorieva, there were many eminent men. However, she did not have a relationship with anyone. Her first husband, a lawyer Igor Baranov, according to the artist's mother, turned out to be a drug addict, stole the money that they gave them for the wedding, and fled.

Marriages with British artist Nicholas Rowland and actor Timothy Dalton also broke up, and the whole world watched the scandalous divorce of Grigorieva with Mel Gibson, whom she accused of domestic violence. Now the star has two children: son Alexander from Dalton and daughter Lucia from Gibson.


Oksana Grigoryeva regularly does exercises that develop the soul and body. The star is engaged in yoga and meditation, and this helps her keep herself in shape, as well as maintain inner harmony. This may be the secret of her beauty and endless positive.