Offset rapper: Biography and music career

Published At: 22 April 2020 , 06:00 PM

Offset Biography

Offset rapper is a classic example of a dark-skinned "bad guy" who has behind his problems with the law, several criminal charges, detention, and scandals in his personal life. But all this practice does not affect his work. A multi-million army of fans eagerly awaited the debut solo album of 2019, and famous colleagues did not cease to invite to cooperation.

Childhood and youth

In the middle of the first winter month, December 14, 1991, in Lawrenceville, a suburb of Atlanta, sung by Margaret Mitchell in a cult novel, Chiari Kendrell Safes was born. The music world learned about him as an Offset artist, who created a hip-hop trio with two talented relatives.

Offset in 2019

The boy's childhood passed in a small house in Gwinnett County, where at Berkmar High School, he began to communicate closely with Quavo and Takeoff, and their tacos, divided into three equal parts, were considered the highest manifestation of friendship. An essential role in the upbringing of future stars also played by the mother of Quayvius Keyate Marshall (Quavo).

The rapper's parents met in the 80s at a local talent show, where the boy's biological father took part as a dancer. Later, when the child was still very young, the man left the family. This critical and challenging moment of the biography reflected in the works of Chiari, which indicated that the mother of Latabia replaced his entire family.

Remembering the teenage years, the woman said that she had made all kinds of attempts to pull Chiari from the street, where he invariably disappeared. Namely, she gave it up to dance, and soon he shone in the clip of Whitney Houston herself for the hit Whatchulookinat. The singer posted a valuable retro-shot on his page on Instagram.

Offset as a child with Whitney Houston / Instagram

When Offset's career was on the rise, he contacted his father and wanted to help him financially, but he proudly refused, which again wounded his son.

"If dad called me right now, I would board a plane, buy him a house, give a million dollars, and not talk to him for another ten years. At least, I would know that this is honest," the Esquire correspondent musician was discouraged by revelation in a February 2019 interview.

At school, the boy's hobbies included sports, especially football. A funny story is connected with the latter. At one of the matches, Safes got a hit in the head and fell unconscious. He woke up from the loud cry of his mother, demanding that the player leave the field. A complicated and explosive character led him to a military school, where teachers "exiled" to somehow cope with a rebellious student.


In 2008, the inseparable trinity Quavo, Offset, Takeoff embarked on the musical path, creating her band Polo Club after two years renamed the famous Migos. The premier mixtape Juug Season was released in August 2011. And already in 2013, Versace thundered, which hit the Billboard Hot 100 and brought the guys popularity. What is the recognition of Drake himself in adoring the single and creating a remix of the composition?

Within a couple of years, the team pleased the fans with the debut collection Yung Rich Nation, which settled in 3rd place of Top Rap Albums. Famous musicians such as Chris Brown invited to work on it. At the same time, the released video on Look at My Dab contributed to the development and spread of the Dab movement, when the dancer simultaneously throws up his hands and hides his face in the bend of the elbow.

Tyga and Offset - Taste

The second mixtape No Label was also warmly received by both critics and fans. The next album, which started with No. 1 on the prestigious American Billboard 200 chart, was waiting for success. From there, the Bad and Boujee song even participated in the struggle for the Grammy.

Despite the successful collective work, each of the members of Migos does not stop developing both in a single direction and in tandem with other celebrities. In the fall of 2017, Offset released Without Warning in a duet with 21 Savage (before that their common hit Ric Flair Drip was awarded in the BET Hip Hop Award nomination), and later recorded the single Taste together with Tyga.

Personal life

Sefas is the father of many children. Moreover, the first-born was born when the musician himself was still in a slightly tender 17-year-old age. As the man admitted, having learned that he would soon become a parent, he panicked, as he considered himself still a boy. But he quickly pulled himself together and, to give Jordan (2009) everything he needed, he embarked on a criminal path, for which he received the first criminal charge in 2012.

The very next year, Chiari began a relationship with a girl named Oriel Jamie, which resulted in the birth of Cody's second child (2015), whose photographs often appear on his father's Instagram.

Offset and Cody

Daughter Kalea Mary (2015) - from the singer Shya L'Amour. It is known that adults arranged the 3rd anniversary in a fairy tale style - with a pony and a princess. Later, a video appeared on the Web where a musician and a girl went shopping for a school uniform, simultaneously discussing the rules and norms of behavior in an educational institution.

On July 10, 2018, a replenishment occurred in the family of two hip-hop stars - Offset, and Grammy-winning Cardie B. - Kulture was born. The couple played the wedding in September 2017, which was preceded by a public offer of a hand and a heart at a joint concert in Philadelphia.

A little less than six months after the birth of the daughter of the wife, to the dismay of the admirers, they announced their separation due to the husband's infidelity. Despite the fact that by the end of January 2019, dear ones, as in that saying, had gathered, made fun of and reconciled, rumors of cheating and even a constant lover of a man did not cease.

Famous tattooed singer does not only love affairs and sensational works, but also problems with the law. Theft, burglary, possession of drugs and firearms, driving a car without a license, starting a fight, and incitement to unrest in prison are an incomplete list of the rapper's "merits."