Nyusha - biography, personal life, news, songs

Published At: 27 July 2020 , 10:55 PM

Career: singer, film, actress, composer, presenter

Date of Birth: August 15, 1990

Age: 29 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Growth: 167

Family status: married to Igor Sivov


Bright, beautiful, talented - the singer has firmly occupied a high niche in the domestic show business. Nyusha, whose biography, songs, and personal life are of interest to many fans, has achieved recognition from critics, many of whom are supportive.

Childhood and youth

The real name of the singer Nyusha is Shurochkina Anna Vladimirovna. Anya was born in Moscow on August 15, 1990. She grew up in a family of musicians. The parents divorced as soon as the girl was two years old. Nyusha's father Vladimir Shurochkin - in the past one of the group "Laskoviy May," also wrote lyrics and music. Today Vladimir acts as the producer of his daughter. The father often took his daughter with him to the studio, where Nyusha took her first steps as a singer. At eight years old, a talented girl will write her debut song.

Nyusha has a half-sister - Maria Shurochkina, world, European, and Russian synchronized swimming champion among juniors. The singer's younger brother, Ivan Shurochkin, is engaged in tricking (martial arts tricks). In addition to her musical education, the artist was involved in Thai boxing.

Nyusha began performing on stage at the age of 12; the first songs were in English of her translation. The new celebrity began to be recognized. On tour in Germany, Anya was noticed and made an offer from a large production company in Cologne, which the girl refused, choosing a career in her home country. At the age of 14, the girl tried to get to the casting for the show "Star Factory," but did not fit because of her age.

The singer already has a recognizable timbre of voice, individual style of performance, brilliant external data, choreographic training, and a desire to succeed in achieving her goals.

Personal life

Nyusha's personal life covered with a veil of secrecy. Fans of creativity and supporters of the singer periodically attributed to the artist romances with famous men. They talked about the girl's relationship with Aristarchus Venes, known from the TV series " Kadetstvo. "

After the breakup of these relations, according to some media outlets, the singer began an affair with hockey player Alexander Radulov, the main character of the video "It hurts." Perhaps the script of the video, according to which Radulov played Shurochkina's lover, became the reason for such rumors.

Until 2017, it was only possible to reliably judge the relationship of the artist with Yegor Creed, which began in 2014. Yegor even talked about children in some interviews. But the couple broke up. According to some publications, Creed accused Nyusha's father of ending the relationship. The singer herself once admitted that she and Yegor have too many outlooks on life, which was the main reason for the breakup.

Shurochkina believes that personal life should not be the subject of full discussions; it is also enough for the artist to fully open up on stage.

In January 2017, Nyusha officially announced that she was getting married and revealed the groom's name. The singer shared this joyful news for the fans on her page on Instagram, posting a photo of the wedding ring. The performer's future husband will be Nyusha's beloved Igor Sivov, General Advisor to the President of the International University Sports Federation.

For a long time, the singer hid her boyfriend. Only at one concert did Nyusha mention that she was no longer alone. Nevertheless, the fans declassified Igor and, long before Nyusha's announcement, guessed the singer's new romance and the imminent engagement.

Later, information appeared about the preparation for the wedding. The journalists found out that Nyusha was planning to arrange a celebration in the Maldives. The singer hoped that the islands would hide from the attention of fans and paparazzi. At the same time, the event will held behind the scenes, and without a grand scale - the artist dreamed of a cozy wedding.

However, in July, the media reported about the secret wedding of Nyusha and Sivov in Kazan. The singer's fans are sure that the wedding ceremony held in the strictest secrecy due to the couple's busy schedule. The magnificent celebration itself will take place later in hot countries.


Success and winning at the competition "STS Lights a Superstar" in 2007 marked the beginning of a career for the singer. At the TV competition, the young participant sang the song in English "London bridge" by the singer Fergie and Russian-language compositions: the song of the group "Ranetki" "I loved you," Bianchi "There were dances" and Maxim Fadeev "Dances on glass."

During this period, Anna officially changes her name to Nyusha. In 2008, she took 7th place on the "New Wave," in the same year she recorded a dubbed translation of a song from the Disney cartoon "Enchanted."

In 2009, the singer Nyusha recorded the single "Howl at the Moon," which became the performer's first hit. For her first single, the performer nominated for several awards, including "Song of the Year - 2009".

In 2010, Nyusha Shurochkina recorded the single "Don't interrupt." The composition became the hit of the month, took third place in the Russian top of digital releases, and brought the singer a nomination for the MUZ-TV 2010 award in the Breakthrough of the Year category.

In the same year, Nyusha's first album, "Choose a Miracle," was released, about which there will be many good reviews and positive criticism, it will be called "the birth of a supernova Russian scene."

In 2010, both Nyusha's vocal abilities and the singer's appearance received recognition. The artist invited to appear for the men's glossy magazine "Maxim": the December issue of the publication decorated with photographs of naked celebrities.

2011 turned out to be very fruitful for the singer. The singles "It hurts" and "Higher" brought the singer further awards, including a victory in the nomination "Best Russian Artist" at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 ceremony. The first song even noted as the brightest and most memorable over the past 20 years. Nyusha's clips for these songs also appear.

In 2012, the singer presented her fans with a new single "Memory." On the TopHit portal, this track was on the first line for 19 weeks in a row, which became a record in this project's history. Noted this single and "Russian Radio," including Shurochkina in the list of laureates for the "Golden Gramophone."

In the fall of 2013, Nyusha took an active part in the show of the First Channel "Ice Age." Together with the famous figure skater Maxim Shabalin, Nyusha presented the audience with stunning numbers. Unfortunately, at the end of November, the singer dropped out of the project, but their performances on ice will remember for a long time.