NILETTO: singer's biography, best songs, interesting facts

Published At: 16 July 2020 , 05:57 PM

Career: Singer, rapper

Date of Birth: October 1, 1992

Age: 27 years

Place of Birth: Tyumen region, Russia

Family status: not married


Danil Prytkov, a participant in the 2nd season of the "Songs" show on TNT, acting under the creative pseudonym NILETTO, made a clear statement at the qualifying stages, promising, judging by the reaction of the producers, to become a favorite of the project. A guy who came from Yekaterinburg conquered the jury and the audience with a lot of his talents - he is both a performer, songwriter, and dancer. NILETTO itself positions itself as a musician who is engaged in creativity 24/7 and wants to prove to everyone that he knows how to do it at the highest level.

Childhood and youth

Danil Prytkov was born on October 1, 1992, in the Tyumen region. The family of the future artist had nothing to do with creativity, but Danil showed an innate talent for choreography. Parents, noticing this, sent their son to a dance school, and encouraged his creative passion. In one interview, the dancer described a case from childhood when she and her mother went to the market for a music cassette. The woman asked the sellers to pick up music to dance to. So at the disposal of Danil appeared the recording of the African-American artist Nana. Thanks to his work, the boy met with rap.

Rapper and dancer NILETTO

Seamlessly from dancing, the young man switched to singing. To take vocal lessons, he came to a teacher who recognized his abilities. Gradually, Danil began to play his material: he made cover versions of famous songs, re-signing artists such as Dima Bilan, Aljay, Justin Bieber, and even Frank Sinatra.

Singing and dancing always went hand in hand in NILETTO's work. Once in Yekaterinburg, the young man, together with his friend Andrei Ali, organizes the group, taking the pseudonym Danil Husky. The duo quickly became popular. The guys even recorded an album and gathered concert halls at their performances. But then the guys parted - they just decided to perform solo and build their musical careers.

Creativity and projects

In 2015, Danila Husky created a YouTube channel, where he posted videos in which he dances to famous compositions. The videos became popular and made the guy a star of the Internet.

Danil's love of dancing is inseparable from his love of sports. Constant training and rehearsals made the guy strong and hardy. In 2017, he appeared in the "Russian Ninja" project on Channel One, in which participants compete precisely in their physical qualities. Husky went through all three tracks, including the final one. Since 2018, an Ekaterinburger has already accumulated enough musical copyright material and begins to storm the castings of vocal television projects. In winter, he participated in the 3rd season of the show "New Star" on the channel "Star", reached the semifinals. And in the summer, I applied for participation in the 1st season of the show "Songs" on TNT but did not go beyond five rounds. The failure caused the artist an even greater desire to achieve his goal. He leaves for his hometown and strictly deals with the repertoire - he works, tries, and experiments. In an interview, the performer even admitted that he once locked himself in a room for almost a month and left there, writing 20 tracks that were not alike. And in 2019, the Ural talent, choosing the pseudonym NILETTO, again applies for the "Songs," now in the 2nd season. And this time luck smiles at him. The guy performed in a series of auditions with the original song "Jacket for Two," which conquered the jury Basta and Timati. The artists noted that the artist has everything - both the timbre and the pitch.

Thus, the rapper went to the next round of the project.

Personal life

Fans do not know anything about this chapter of his biography. The artist does not even talk about his personal life even on social networks, although he is used to sharing his innermost thoughts. Fans are looking for photos of his girlfriend on Instagram but in vain. However, love and romance in the life of the artist, of course, are present and are for his sources of inspiration in his work.

NILETTO is the owner of a colorful image; its "chips" are an asymmetrical hairstyle and many tattoos throughout the body.


Now, an Ekaterinburger can boast of the released album "Voice of Drafts." He calls his favorite track "The Wind of the Zimar," written under the influence of 90s music. Hits such as "Hentai," "Children of the Elite," "Lyalya," "Give Some Pain," "Hat," and "Kola" also became leaders in downloading. Some have already shot clips. The artist does not leave his other hobby either. In 2019, NILETTO pleased the fans with the dance's performance to the composition of Artik & Asti "Sad Dance," as well as the dance collaboration with the participant of the project "Dancing on TNT" Yegor Khlebnikov.