Nikolay Baskov - songs, biography, personal life

Published At: 08 August 2020 , 04:33 PM

Career: actor, singer, TV presenter

Date of Birth: October 15, 1976

Age: 43 years

Place of Birth: Balashikha, Russia

Growth: 174

Family status: divorced


Nikolai Baskov is a Russian pop and opera singer who has remained popular for many years. The performer, whose mentor was the great Montserrat Caballe, received the unofficial titles "Golden Voice of Russia" and "Natural Blond."

The artist always has something to please the fans of his talent. In addition to classical pieces, his repertoire consists of popular hits "Sharmanka", "Let Me Go", "I Will Give You Love," and others.

Childhood and youth

Nikolai Baskov was born in Russia, but at one time, lived abroad. When the boy was two years old, dad Viktor Baskov completed his studies at the Frunze Military Academy and left with his family for the GDR, where he was obliged to undergo further service.

The elder Basque worked for five years in Dresden and Königsbrück. Victor began his military career as a platoon commander, then rose to the assistant division commander. Later, Baskov Sr. graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Mom Elena Nikolaevna is a mathematics teacher by education, in Germany, she worked on television as an announcer.

Nikolai Baskov began to master music from the age of 5; the boy studied musical notation at home with his mother. Kolya started going to school in Germany, but after the 1st grade, he continued his studies in Kyzyl; at the same time, he entered a musical institution.

As a child, Basque was not yet so liberated in public. As the singer recalls, his debut on stage was incredibly unsuccessful. When the boy was in 2nd grade, he was asked to perform a poem at the movie. But the future artist got scared of a broad audience, burst into tears and ran away.

From the 2nd to the 7th grade, Nikolai Baskov studied in Novosibirsk. At that time, his career on stage started. Kolya performed at the Young Actor's Musical Theater. The boy toured with the troupe in Switzerland, the United States, Israel, and France.


In his youth, the Basques became a laureate of the prestigious competition in Spain "Grande Voce", three times was nominated for the "Ovation" prize as the "Golden Voice of Russia". In 1997, the artist became a laureate of the debut All-Russian competition for young romance performers called "Romansiada". And then the talented singer received the First Prize of the All-Russian Competition for Young Opera Artists. At the same time, Nikolai was invited to perform the part of Lensky in Tchaikovsky's production of Eugene Onegin, which was staged at the Bolshoi Theater.

The piggy bank of Nikolai Baskov's awards is proliferating. In 1999, the artist won the Second Prize at the Grand Voce competition in Spain. A year later, the man is already filming videos. Participation in the video for the song "In Memory of Caruso" contributed to the early conquest of the Russian musical Olympus. The video was then at the top of the Russian radio and television charts.

Baskov's career was no longer limited to academic halls; the number of the singer's fans began to grow at a staggering pace. Records with songs were sold in millions of copies. As a result, Nikolai Baskov becomes the first and only singer on the Russian Federation's territory who can sing both in pop style and in a more complex genre concerning the classic crossover. Each new song by Baskov becomes a hit and takes off to the top of the Russian charts.

In 2002, the artist made his debut on the stage of the national festival "Song of the Year" with the musical compositions "Forces of Heaven" and "Sharmanka", which immediately received the status of hits. The musician's clips are broadcast on prestigious music channels. The artist has repeatedly received national music awards "Ovation", "Golden Gramophone", "MUZ-TV", "Style of the Year".

After parting with Sophie for some time, Nikolai hid the details of his personal life. Still, rumors immediately appeared on the Web about the singer's romance with the model and TV presenter of sports broadcasts Victoria Lopyreva. In the summer of 2017, the couple officially announced the upcoming wedding celebration.

The wedding was planned to be held in the capital of Chechnya in October 2017. The singer talked about feelings for the chosen one, readiness for family life, and the birth of children. But after a while, the public learned that Victoria would not become the wife of the "golden voice of Russia" - they finally parted. Now Baskov and Lopyreva maintain friendly relations.

Nikolay Baskov now

In 2017, Nikolai Baskov decided to bring some changes to his image. Thanks to a visit to the gym, the singer lost a lot of weight. Now, with a height of 174 cm, his weight has become much less than 80 kg. On Instagram, the artist posted a photo with dyed hair, commenting on the picture with the phrase: "I'm tired of being blonde." Fans reacted positively to the changes in the appearance of the idol, wishing him a speedy marriage. In 2018, Nikolai Baskov surprised fans with unexpected collaborations. In February, the pop idol performed the hit "Fantasy" with the musicians of the group "Disco Crash." For six months, the number of views of the video for this song reached 7 million. In the new video, in addition to the performers, the stars of Russian show business Sergey Shnurov, Garik Kharlamov, Valery Leontyev, Anita Tsoi, Andrey Malakhov appeared in the frame. During the first day, the clip, which featured obscene language, scenes of violence and primitive humor, took a leading position in the "Trending" tab on YouTube and was watched by 1 million people.

The video and the subsequent performance of the song on New Wave caused a stir in society. The audience was dissatisfied with the change in the image of the people's artists of the Russian Federation. There was even talk on the Web about stripping the singers of such a high rank. The artists had to release a musical apology to their fans. They posted the video on YouTube.

In addition to scandalous projects, the singer held a benefit performance in the television studio of Andrei Malakhov on the TV show "Hello, Andrei!" And also presented the disc of sacred music "I Believe" on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace's concert hall. The A.V.Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir and the Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yuri Medyanik took part in the concert.