Night Lovell: Biography and music career

Published At: 06 April 2020 , 07:12 PM

Night Lovell BIOGRAPHY

Night Lovell is a young Canadian Ramsey who made her nineteen world fame with the album Red Teenage Melody. His early work was strongly inclined to cloud rap, but over time, he began to experiment with sound, becoming a more versatile artist.

He has only a couple of projects on his account, but this is only the beginning of a career, one must think - long and productive, given how Canadians are loved in the States.


Previously known as KLNV.

At the end of 2014, he recorded the first tracks with his voice.

Inspired by Jay-Z, Biggie, Wiz Khalifa.

Compare with Travis Scott.

Pink witch/lesson

In anticipation of the premiere of their long-awaited album, which will take place this month, Night Lovell has released a new track called “PINK WITCH LESSON”.

Joan of arc

As the next single, Night Lovell released a joint track with the duo $ uicideboy $, named after the great French heroine Joan of Arc. Minimalistic bit and gloomy presentation - for this we love these artists.

Soon, the long-awaited album Night Lovell, which has planned European concerts, including performances in Russia, is due to be released.

Your Luv

Night Lovell is one of the most recognizable cloud rap artists who shone a few years ago. The musician managed to release two full-length projects and proved his gloomy style to hundreds of thousands of listeners. “Your Luv” is the new rapper single that he produced.

Closer to fall should be released the long-awaited album from Night Lovell, which is recorded for two whole years.