Nick Cannon Takes Aim At Eminem’s Past Drug Addiction On His Diss Song “The Invitation”

Published At: 11 December 2019 , 07:34 AM

He also seems to claim Fat Joe supported to set up Em for their most recent battle.

Nick Cannon has exchanged fire at Eminem on his newest song, "The Invitation." The diss track bookended by a jailhouse phone call with Suge Knight and emphasizes Cannon catching shots at Em's story of drug addiction while also referencing the Detroit rapper's family. Cannon even looks to claim that Fat Joe—who newly hired Em for "Lord Above"—supported him set up the battle.

Knight set the scene for the Hitmaka and Go Grizzly created track by calling Cannon "family" and Em a "bitch." Cannon then kicks off his verse, wherever he says there is no dispute with Fat Joe (aka Joey Crack).

He continues by alluding to Em's prior drug matters, as well as his family drama:

Em had a long history of drug abuse before famously getting clean before his 2009 revival album, Relapse.

He was double married and then separated with his high school sweetheart, Kim Scott. Mutually, they have a child called Hailie, who Em has raised alongside his late sister-in-law's child, Whitney, and Alaina, Scott's girl from a past relationship.

Cannon then references his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, who Em already beefed with it. He also looks to claim Fat Joe supported to set up this recent battle with Em:

Mariah and Em's fight began after he declared they had dated. After Mariah refused that they were ever together, Em dissed her on many songs, including 2002's "When the Music Stops." and "Superman" The fight extended into 2009 when Mariah released "Obsessed." Em replied with "The Warning."

Although Mariah left the beef alone going ahead, Cannon got linked with a series of diss tracks over the next several years: "I'm Slick Rick," "I Remember," and "Warning (Remix)." 

Most recently, Cannon talked about wanting to fight Em on T.I.'s ExpediTIously podcast. This seemed to prompt Em's reply on "Lord Above," where he raps.

On the outro of "The Invitation," Knight states Em is lying and begins up a decades-old conflict in which he allegedly hung rapper Vanilla Ice over a balcony to sign over royalties for "Ice Ice Baby" as part of a warning to Em.